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Story by Ed Brubaker
Art by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer
Colors by Laura Martin
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Laura Martin, & Richard Isanove

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

After the renumbering of Captain America the series has spiraled into a pit of mediocracy. The story of the powerless Rogers has been told about 8 times and lacks the true vision that Brubaker has always brought in the past.

Brubaker told his story and told it well. The Rebirth of Bucky and the death of Rogers was masterfully told in his 70 issue run. Bucky had personality and the plot was fantastic.

Now it seems Brubaker is stalling until he can find a new story to tell. There is no personality in Rogers, Carter or the Falcon in this issue. The plot was meh at best and had little since that there was a bigger picture behind this single issue.

The art was good though and the only redeeming quality. The bright colors also fit the feel of a Captain America title.

Brubaker needs to find a new story to tell or let someone else tell their story for Steve. I found my favorite title for years once again being the worst book I pulled.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Dropped this after only 4 issues, not been good at all!

    • The only thing holding me to the title is the collector inside of me. I’ve collected back issues and have issues 300-Present. It would take horrible stories to get me to not buy CA. With that said I’m one more bad arc away from dropping it.

  2. I felt almost exactly the same guys. I was reading cap for at least 5 years and i just dropped it. Ed is spreading himself thin. I think his priority is his creator owned stuff at the moment. Or maybe hes just bored with cap.

  3. It looked like Brubaker was heading towards a highly political storyline with Bravo as a violent, Occupy Wall Street extremist, but then decided to back off of that idea for some reason.

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