Review by: robbydzwonar

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

I was never a big Green Lantern fan.  I only bought one of his comic books one time, and that was back during Reign of the Superman (WOW, that is a long time ago!).  Although, I have heard good things about this new volume of The Brave and the Bold they got going on so I grabbed one this week since there was no Superman books, or Amazing Spiderman neither, so I had a couple extra dollars to spend.
It’s hard to follow not being a big Green Lantern person and all.  Nonetheless, I made it to the bottom and the issue was a real page turner.  I’m actually interested in what is going to go on in the next issue even though I only half understood what was going on in this one, and the art is just great for all your people that stuff like that actually matters to.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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