BPRD 1947 #1 (OF 5)

Review by: jmstump

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After reading this title’s predecessor I needed to pull this. I found the first issue to be fun, I really like the new squad that they put together for Bruttenholm in this issue. All of these guys had something go on during WWII that made them ineligible for other things, save one but we don’t know him too much yet. Each of them I felt got appropriate time in the “spotlight” for the first issue for us to learn a little bit about them.

Once again we’re taken into a world of the Supernatural and Mignola as usual will pay out, as he did with the final page. We also get some more of the creepy little girl from the first series. I’m curious to see how she plays a role in this series as well. Also we got to see Kid Hellboy in Pajamas, cute and awesome.

The art on this book is done by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon with colors by the always fantastic Dave Stewert. You know when a colorist is fantastic when you actually remember his name and other works he’s done. Although I enjoyed the art in 1946 better than this one, which was done by Paul Azaceta, the art is still great. I finally get why all of these people keep ranting and raving about this Gabriel Ba guy. Although I kept getting this feeling like I’ve seen Bruttenholm in real life before… hmm

As I mentioned earlier Mike Mignola delivers with this book and I’m stupid with excitement to see where it goes next.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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