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Story by Alex Segura
Art by Dan Parent & Rich Koslowski
Colors by Digikore Studios
Letters by Jack Morelli
Cover by Dan Parent & Francesco Francavilla

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

I don’t know why the past 12 months suddenly found me buying Archie Comics for the first time since I was wee. Well, actually I do know; the “Kevin Keller” books totally pulled me back. So I am now prone to falling victim to Archie stunts like this – KISS meets the Riverdale gang!

I couldn’t resist. Not only because I wanted to see our favorite squeaky-clean cartoon teens trade bon mots with the alleged “Knights In Satan’s Service” (what K.I.S.S. stands for, or so we lil heshers thought in 4th grade) – but also because KISS happens to hold a special place in my comic buying heart. For I remember, back when I was wee, how I nagged my older sister to buy me another KISS stunt comic book, one published by Marvel… using real blood from the band members in the comic’s ink! Don’t believe me? I speak the truth:
So yeah. This week, the folks over at Archie Comics had me at hello. And while my German Shepherd, Heidi, chewed up my only copy of Marvel’s 1977 KISS comic? This one, #627 “Archie Meets KISS,” is going straight into bag & board and stored high up where no animal can attack.

As established in the first 10 pages or so, the premise for this KISS/Archie team-up is fun and kooky – and yes, a teensy bit boring, mostly because gay Kevin Keller isn’t around to make things more interesting. But come on, suck it up, Dear Reader… you’re about to get bat-head-eating Gene Simmons! And Paul Stanley’s hairy chest! And Ace Frehley (you know, from the Weezer song “In the Garage”??) and even Peter Criss! (also from the Weezer song.) And once the band comes to the story, writer Alex Segura does a fine job of launching an even crazier story arc that will continue through three more issues. All of which I am buying. Even though there is no human blood used to print Archie Comics. (Yet.)

If you’re still not sold, then check it out because Sabrina the Teen Witch is also in this story, and for much of it she is dressed up like a sexy Catholic school girl.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. !!!!!!!!!! WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!
    I now remember that Gene Simmons didn’t eat the bat head – that was Ozzy Osbourne – Gene Simmons just *wore* bat wings and spit animal blood during concerts.
    Now I can go back to sleep.

  2. This whole concept is so jacked up and wonky but I am comforted that Sabrina will be there to keep a lid on things.

  3. Seems like Sabrina’s kinda been morphed into the Archie gang’s Willow Rosenberg?

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