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This is easily the weakest issue of the series yet. As a wise dualist
once said, however, “the night is darkest just before the dawn.” While
that’s obviously the case in point for what happens by the end of this
issue, it’s also true for the general state of quality in the book.

Grevioux’s two
big stories were released – the other being New Warriors and its finale – are still stuck in the post-Civil War, Herr
Stark era of Marvel. While this is just a matter of bad timing – and in
all honesty, this story happening under the reign of Norman Osborn
would have been just too painfully hilarious to handle – it’s hard to
keep interest in a story when the current climate may have already
given us a few spoilers to assume. Is Adam around during Dark Reign?
No. Not yet, at least. Same goes for the New Warriors. Point is, it’s
hard to keep interest in this when we already know Stark is going to be
fired and Pym is going to be decloaked.

Of course, this is not the only thing that has struck a fatal blow into
my appreciation for this series. Throughout the series, the art has
always had it’s trips and flops. In this issue? It’s seen primarily in
Castro’s choice of a cross between Michael Phelps, Dustin Diamond, and
an Asian for his refrence for Namor – and let we forget cover artist
Juan Doe’s choice of Ronald Reagan – as well as Broome’s need to have
Richards and Pym  showing off their powers. Reed even does stretchy
jazz hands to Tony in the middle of a conversation! Besides the
oversized panel of the Invaders, the art is again faintly crippling the
book. Some of it is easy to laugh off, but then I see Tony’s
late-90’s-model armor and just frown until something happens.

But what ends up happening? Talking. Lots of talking. Reed pretty much
gets a page all to himself, and we all know how much I’d love to hear
Richards banter on for hours. Even during the issue’s more
“action-oriented” scenes, there is too much pointless yammering. Be it
due to ham-fisted opinions relating to racism, or Anti-Man and his lame
melodrama – which is almost as lame as his hat – it was a struggle to
even get through the book.

It’s a shame when a cliffhanger falls flat. Here’s to hoping that Kevin
can overcome this great obstacle and rise to freed- er, quality.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I don’t get it.  You seem to hate this book, but you give the issue a 3. Why?

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