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  1. I actually feel the same way, and although I gave this a much better score then you did; I agree with ALMOST everything you say.

    What I dont agree with? Your criticism on Frank. Okay you dont like it I wont judge you on that. But I think he is one of the best writers in the industry today and I cant say I hate it cause I love his art to death!

    What I agree with? Overall it was a soild arc, but nothing special really came out of it. It definitely felt like just a long way into giving us ‘New Krypton’ and it didnt really need to be 5 issues. I’m not saying it’s terrible, nor would I say not pick it up in trades. It’s just that I also didnt feel anything here instead of the joy I felt when reading the Legion arc. That and I dont like this new design for Brainiac. I think he looks stupid and I would’ve perfered if he stayed in that cocoon of his cause that made him a more terrifying figure then what he actually was.

    Still cant wait for the new arc though, and Johns is still the master at this comic.

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