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October 20, 2004 – Identity Crisis #5

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Story by Brad Meltzer
Art by Rags Morales
Inks by Michael Bair
Colors by Alex Sinclair
Letters by Kenny Lopez

Published by DC Comics | $2.95

And so the killer is revealed and the body count rises by three.

Well, I’m not buying the identity of the killer just yet. There has to be more going on than meets the eye. Something else is definitely happening here. Then again, Brad Meltzer has been saying that this book is not so much about who the killer is rather the repercussions of what the killer does.

Putting that aside for a moment, what we have in Identity Crisis is a full fledged event, the likes of which we have not seen for some time. There is a sense of urgency with every issue, and even when you know what is going to happen the tension can be unbearable. I’m not shocked, because Brad Meltzer’s novels have kept me up until five in the morning because I absolutely have to know what is going to happen next.

I really wish that DC had given more issues for Brad Meltzer to draw this all out. Twelve issues would probably be perfect. As it is, things have a tendency to happen rather quickly and can seem a bit rushed. Maybe there should have been more tie-in books to flesh out the individual character moments like they used to do in these big company-wide crossovers (think Millennium).

I’m still freaked out by the art from Rags Morales. I think it’s the fact that he draws characters (except for Batman, for some reason) with their pupils visible behind the masks. It’s creepy that way.

As for the deaths themselves, one was completely expected, one was completely unexpected, and one was kinda, sorta irrelevant. Ironically, it’s the irrelevant death that will probably cause the most internet nerd meltdown. Assuming it holds. There actually is a tie-in book (that I don’t read) this week related to that death so anything is possible, I guess.

This was a good week for comics. That pleases me.

Conor Kilpatrick
Goin’ down in a blaze of glory.

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  1. Now that I think more about it… that’s not the killer who is revealed at the end (by the way, how great was that final scene?). I think that each murder victim has been taken out by a different villain, each of whom is being directed by one mastermind.

    And it’s all starting to look very Flash-related.


  3. Yes, you did.

  4. was this the last issue?

    Dammit. If I still had roommates I would have read this.

  5. No, there are two more issues to go.

  6. Madrox #2 was awesome – I strongly urge everyone to pick it up!

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