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September 19, 2007 – Dynamo 5 #7

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Story by Jay Faerber
Art by Mahmud Asrar
Colors by Ron Riley
Letters by Charles Pritchett

Published by Image Comics | $3.50

When one sits down with his or her stack of comics every week and whittles down the stack, through good issues and sub par issues, one must ask themselves, what is it that makes a comic book worth buying? With the sheer number of titles and the rising cover prices, one needs to be a discerning reader, making educated decisions each time they go to their local comic shop so that one can ensure their purchases are worthwhile. Earlier this evening, someone asked me, “Which comic did you have the most fun reading tonight?” and without pause, I replied, “Dynamo 5.” And then at that moment, I knew what I would be writing about tonight.

To bring you all up to speed, Dynamo 5 is a new superhero title created by Jay Faerber (Noble Causes) and Mahmud Asrar. The concept is simple — there is a Superman-esque character, Captain Dynamo, who is the world’s leading superhero. And he’s died. After his death, his wife discovers that he had many affairs with other women and had fathered five children, who each have a facet of his powers. With a void in the crime fighting category after his death, she brings the children together to form Dynamo 5, a new super hero team to try and fill the shows of their father. Great concept, right? And what’s wonderful about this title is that it goes beyond a great concept and has delivered with each issue, great comic books.

With issue #7, we have the close to the current story arc where the team has faced yet another spawn of Captain Dynamo, a girl who seems to have all of her father’s powers and has been twisted to use them for evil by her mother, the arch-nemesis and apparently estranged lover of Captain Dynamo. Over these first seven issues, we’ve been introduced to the team members of Dynamo 5 and to their powers, strengths and weaknesses. I’m surprised at how easily the connection is made between the reader and the characters, so much so that I’ve found myself awaiting this issue purely to see what happens to the characters, in addition to the story.

In addition to the big climatic fight, you have a the presence and evolution of deep sub-plots being woven: The questions surrounding Captain Dynamo’s “death”; the government agency known as F.L.A.G., with members that you’re not quite sure you can trust; and just enough of the mystery behind the motivation of Maddie, Captain Dynamo’s wife in bringing together this team and what her background truly is. I have to admit, I’ve dove headfirst into this universe and I’m totally sucked in. Each issue stands on its own, delivering action and intrigue and twists and turns before the eventual cliffhanger leading into the next issue which has resonance and meaning in the grander picture of the story. This feels like the way super-hero comics used to be, and to be honest, should be. It proves that the modern super hero team can exist in a mature, realistic manner and be both believable and engrossing at the same time. And most of all, it’s fun to read.

So those who are curious about Dynamo 5, make sure you pick up the next issue, which should be a good jumping on point. Add in the fact that they’re dropping the cover price AND the trade collecting the first seven issues for only $9.99, and you realize that Image has figured out that they may have another Invincible on their hands as they begin to push it really hard. So get on board now, so you can say you were ahead of the curve.

Put simply, this is a strong candidate for best new book of 2007. Dynamo 5 is the super hero team book you wish you were reading.

Ron Richards
It’s the Simple Things

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  1. I’m definitely excited to try out Dynamo 5. Do they have a release date for the first trade?

    My POW Captain America #30. Absolute awesomeness. I can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

  2. Dynamo 5, what the deuce?

    To be honest, I read the first few issues of the series. Not bad, per se. But I can’t say I was compelled to keep buying Dynamo 5 regularly.

    Captain America was shocking and excellent (as usual) this week. That would be my POW right there.

    I also really enjoyed the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special and Checkmate this week.

  3. I picked up After The Cape TPB.

    I have never read it. I thaught it was really good but a bit short. That is all I had time to read so far but I recomend picking it up ’cause the extras in the back are awsome if you ever wonder how a comic gets written.

    The next mini sreies should be really good!

  4. looks good, how’s the art?

  5. Dynamo 5 is a good book, and this was a fine issue. It is the best new book of the year– and I can see giving it POW to show some support.
    However, c’mon dude, Captain America #30 was the best book out this week, hands down.
    When I put down Cap #30, I said to myself, “if those ifanboy guys don’t choose that as Pick of the Week, I’ll have to drive up to New York, hook up with Darryl the Nightstalker (stalkin’ the streets of New York), track them down and talk some sense into them.”
    Looks like I need to gas up the car. Anybody know how to find Darryl?
    Cap #30 was the best issue of Cap in a long, long time. Brubaker’s normal “slow burn” pace speed up to a frenzy for one issue– big reveals on every other page. It was greatness.

  6. New X-Men was completely awesome. I loved the whole ‘let’s connect with the kids’ thing that failed as their lives were horribly complex. This book has all the fun of the early days. The kids are just learnign what their powers are, still ready to kick ass without thinking, going on a gut instinct of right and wrong–I love this book.

    The scene where Wolverine is chasing Pixie is priceless.

  7. Is there a Darryl signal on top of NYPD headquarters?

    Wow, it was a great week for comics. I don’t know if I could have picked only one comic for this week. Cap was certainly shocked (was that even hinted at in earlier issues?). Ant Man has always been near the top of my stack evey week that it came out for the past year. I am going to miss this book, but at least we will get some of him in Avengers Initiative. Checkmate started the beginning of the fall of Waller and I am all gigglely to find out what happens next. Has anyone else been reading the Highwaymen? Too bad there is only one more issue. Even World War Hulk was pretty good. This Hulk is creeping me out. Yeah, I wouldn’t have been able to pick just one if I had to make a POW.

  8. Argh, why didn’t I read Dynamo 5 last night? Must resist the urge to read the review and spoil it…

  9. Dave Graham: I haven’t gone back and looked at past issues of Cap, but I do remember her throwing up in the bathroom at one point in a prior issue?
    I thought it was a very good week, too. Not quite as good as last week, to me– when we had the JLA Wedding issue, Booster Gold #2, and New Avengers. But this week, Cap was great, and I also really enjoyed the JLA Hitman special, and even the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding issue.

  10. Oh, and Checkmate was also good- another book where “stuff” was happening.

  11. Wow. Brave pick, seeing as how awesome Cap #30 was and everything.

  12. I agree with this pick… D5 is a great read and i am proud to say that i have been with it from the beginning. It’s one of those books that you love to discover, hope more people read it, but secretly wish to keep it all to yourself! The comparison to Invincible is spot on. It has the potential to be a monster hit (relatively speaking!)

    Scott aka target242

  13. Am I the only one that picked up the Captain America Omnibus, yesturday? I made the mistake of going to class right after picking up my comics. All through the night I kept thinking of that thick tome of Ed Brubaker sitting in my bag. It was very hard to focus.

  14. Nice to see Dynamo 5 getting some props. It really is an underrated book that deserves a hell of a lot more attention than it’s getting.

  15. I have been reading this series since Ron reccommended it on the podcast, and it is a really, really fun read. The characters are great and the storyline definitely has enough cool things going on to keep you in. I would definitely say this book draw comparisons to Young Avengers, which is never, ever a bad thing.

    That being said, I had an awesome week of comics this week, and I had no clunkers among the 14 books that I read (Can Brubaker just write a trade every month for Captain America? I swear that book makes ga-ga with amazement).

    My pick this week is definitely Green Arrow/Black Canary: Wedding Special. The art was just so perfect for this book, and the colors were vibrant and amazing. The story was fun too, and I’ll be damned if Judd Winnick got me wanting to buy the new Black Canary/Green Arrow series. I absolutely loved this book.

  16. Dave~

    I also purchased the omnibus, but I ordered it off the net. I’m expecting it sometime next week, where all life will cease to exist as I take all of Brubaker’s glory in one sitting.

    Oh yes.

  17. Neb: I’m right there with you on Green Arrow/Black Canary: Wedding Special. I didn’t read the Green Arrow series, but now I’m going to have to add the new Canary/Arrow series to my pull list.

  18. I picked up MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #1 by accident…..and oddly its my Pick.

  19. How do you pick up a book by accident?

  20. The Cap Omnibus is very…pretty. I opened it up to one of the Civil War issues where it was a two page spread of him kicking Hydra goons in the head. I went, “Wow!” Tonight I am going to go deeper.

    I just read three of the Marvel Comics Presents stories while on my very short lunch break. The Vanguard one was intriguing. The Hellcat one was boring. The Spider-man one was silly and satisfying. Does this thing come out once a month?

  21. I am so excited for the Captain America Omnibus – I too have it pre-ordered so I’ve got to wait a few weeks, apparently.

  22. Glad to see this finally getting some POW love! This series is great. If you haven’t been reading it do yourself a favor and pick up the trade of the first 7 issues.

  23. hey nice pick..i didnt get a chance to read mine yet….i have a question and this goes out to everyone here… has anyone ever bought bags and boards and then when you get home you realize that the pack of bags or the pack of boards you bought weren’t the same size….. it just happend to me as i was baggin on of my comics ..the bags are a size larger than the boards i looked at my LCS and they both said comic size or whatever but i fotgot to look at the measurements to see if they match…..gahhh oh well…what can you do.

  24. “Anybody know how to find Darryl?”

    Just look for the guy holding a copy of New X-Men and cursing Skottie Young’s name.

    I picked up Dynamo 5 #1 on your recommendation, Ron. I LOVED it, but decided to wait for the trade. Waiting paid off, as the first trade (due out…next month I think) was only $4.99 on DCBS! (It’s only $9.99 full price, which is still a steal, considering the $3.50 cover price for the singles.)

  25. Whoops. I missed that you already said that the trade was $9.99.

  26. I haven’t checked out Dynamo5, but I just might after reading this.

    POW for me was the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding special. Laughs a plenty. Cliffhanger that will get me to pick up on the ongoing too.

  27. so didn’t get any actual comincs this week, but I did get the first volume of the Powers Definitive collection. Holy crap this series is good! A quick question though:
    am i supposed to know anything about retro girl? or is it just one of those things where the characters know all about it and we don’t?

  28. am i supposed to know anything about retro girl? or is it just one of those things where the characters know all about it and we don’t?

    The second one. We’re thrust right into the story and we have to catch up.

  29. Glad to see Dynamo 5 get some well-deserved love.

  30. Dynamo5 was good dude, and I started reading it because of your recommendations, but come on!

    Captain America #30 was just too awesome not to be POW!

  31. While I like his Daredevil run so far it’s been somewhat tepid but MAN does Brubaker nail Captain America. It’s actually quite incredible — the main character is dead and it’s one of the best books from the company. What other instances has that been done? Among the many things I loved about Cap #30 was the fact that he, for the first time in a long while, made Tony Stark somewhat of a hero again. I wanted Bucky to ring his neck up until this issue. Now I want him to save Bucky, salvage Sharon, and fulfill Cap’s wishes. In a way it’s the truest Iron Man book out there now. If he takes down Red Skull — awesome

  32. I think some of y’all have forgotten how the Pick Of The Week thing works. 🙂

    Personally, when the Dynamo 5 trade comes out, I’m all over it.

  33. I thought my POW was going to be (Not)Captain America#30, too, but then Walking Dead from last week (after kicking my ass) traveled to the DCU, took over a self-aware sidekick robot, ate a bunch of parts of planets, bulked up, and traveled to this week and kicked my ass again. Robert Kirkman isn’t messing around.

    Streets of Glory was the sleeper book. Avatar may not have the best artists ever, but Garth Ennis + Western yarn = awesomeness.

    Did Gutsville#2 come out? Cause my store didn’t get it?

  34. After reading Captain America I had the thought that I would really like to read Ed Brubaker writing the Iron Man series, for all of the same reasons are mentioned in the show. Then I thought, Ed Brubaker could probably get nonminated for an Eisner writing Sleepwalker. The guy is just a good comic writer. Damn good.

  35. Did Gutsville#2 come out? Cause my store didn’t get it?

    It did.

  36. Last year Bendis was at the Pittsburgh Comic Con and I remember him talking about the Sentry. Bendis mentioned he thought the character was clever and one of the things he found intriguing was the Sentry’s agoraphobia. It stuck out in my mind, because I too did not realize he had issues beyond the schizophrenia. Now whether that is something Bendis added to the character when he started writing him in New Avengers I don’t know, but it was there (or at least thought of) before World War Hulk. Actually, that was even before Civil War.

  37. There seems to be alot of Random comics out there right now like this. I read the first issue and really liked it! I have been thinking about going back and buying the rest!
    Brit looks pretty good as well! Gonna try to pick that up this week!

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