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September 7, 2006 – The Cross Bronx #1

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Story by Michael Avon Oeming & Ivan Brandon
Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Colors by Nick Filardi
Letters by Kristyn Ferretti

Published by Image Comics | $2.99

Let me tell you, it’s been a rough week. Sure, you’d think with the day off here in the United States on Monday for Labor Day, the four day work week would be easy, but apparently it hasn’t been. Not all of us have been able to spend days in our pajamas this week. Work has been insane. My video card blew over the weekend, and a host of other little disasters have affected my life. But I deal. That’s all we can do, right? Except, on top of everything, comics were delayed to Thursday, throwing my entire week out of whack. I get the luck to have the Pick of the Week on a delayed release week AND a week where I have a very light stack. And of the books I got, most were mildly mediocre, if not downright bad. Luckily though, there was a diamond in the rough and that was The Cross Bronx #1, although it took a long road to get there.

So put on a record (I chose “Tweez” by Slint) and join me as we delve into my corner of comics this week.

I only had eight books, which kept my total just under $25, a number I’m very comfortable with. I immediately eliminated the following books: Marvel Team Up #24, Savage Dragon #128, Jack Staff #11, and Noble Causes #23. Why? Because collectively they were the worst grouping of five comics I’ve ever purchased. Seriously. Bad stuff. Shockingly bad in some cases (I’m looking at you, Noble Causes #23!! ) That left just four more books.

I promised Conor and Josh, as well as the rest of you, that I would stick with Detective Comics #823, and I have, but I have to say — Paul Dini love aside — issue #823 was the worst book of his run yet. I chalk it up mainly to the art, which paled in comparison to the first issue of Dini’s run that got me hooked originally. Though oddly, I did realize that when I read Batman’s inner dialogue, it’s the dude from Batman: the Animated Series‘s voice in my head. Am I the only one?

52 #18 came in third, as the art wasn’t the usual level of awful we’ve become accustomed to, all the storylines seemed balanced to me and actually followable, and it had a talking monkey. Bonus points for the two page bio on The Question, which finally settled whether it’s a mask or not, it is by the way (Damn you, Kilpatrick!). But all in all, it didn’t leave me jazzed. No warm and fuzzies whatsoever.

So, then there were two: Uncanny X-Men #478 and The Cross Bronx #1. Ultimately, Uncanny X-Men #478 was good, as we get back to the space storyline and actually see the X-Men this issue. There was a ton of action, more questioning of Professor Xavier’s methods and some Skrulls. All in all, what more could I ask for? Well, it felt a little a little flat to me. Good, but not quite POW worthy.

So I’m left with The Cross Bronx #1. Now I want to be clear, because this might seem like a de facto pick; like nothing else was good, so I went with this. But that’s really not the case. I thought long and hard about why it took me a ways to get to selecting this as the Pick, because I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for a while and was fairly excited about it. After reading it though, I didn’t get the knock me off my chair feeling, but it was good; very good in fact. Oeming and Brandon have introduced us to some cops in NYC, but the areas of NYC you don’t normally see, mainly The Bronx. We got some violence, some police history, and the beginning of what looks to be an interesting case with a mysterious villain (who’s got curves). The writing and storytelling was spot on, and there were even little artistic nods to real places that, as someone who’s driven across the Cross Bronx Expressway way too many times to count (and sat in stand still traffic on it way too much for one lifetime), were cool to see.

And yet, it didn’t knock me over. I think its because I’ve pigeonholed Michael Avon Oeming. I couldn’t separate him from Powers. I know he’s as equally involved in Powers as Bendis is, but for some reason, I’ve been able to accept Bendis more on his other books at Marvel, than I have of Oeming on other books. I know Oeming has had a bunch of books over the years, both at Image and Marvel, and I can’t say I’ve read any of them but I’ve heard good things. If you closed my eyes, opened up the pages to The Cross Bronx #1 and told me it was a new issue of Powers, I would totally believe you. But I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. He has a style of drawing and layouts that’s very unique. It’s just that I’ve only seen it on Powers, so with The Cross Bronx #1, I was forced to look beyond my preconceived notions about his art and look to the writing and the story, and to be honest, it’s a pretty damn good book. Personally for me, Bendis has overshadowed Oeming in terms of creative output and the like, but this book really changed that for me.

Bonus points for the mustaches as well as the bonus materials highlighted at the end of the book featuring Oeming’s various rejection letters from over the years. Great stuff.

Ron Richards

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  1. Seriously: what in the hell was up with Marvel Team-Up? That was a violent kick in the beanbag. If I didn’t know better, I’d say its central theme was “Cancelled? Well, screw this book, screw Freedom Ring, and screw you!” It was like he bulldozed the series, salted the earth and peed on it before he left. Yipes.

    I for one am glad you guys keep reminding me to buy Detective Comics. I enjoyed this issue… in large part due to the art. How d’ya like them apples?

    On my way out of the shop today, I noticed a remaining copy of the Astro City special you guys recommended a few weeks back, so I grabbed it. That’s another one I owe you.

  2. What Ron no Phoenix Warsong?

  3. What’s with the panning of Detective Comics #823? I loved both the cover and interior art. I especially like the way Ivy was drawn and inked – a different take on her than usual. I agree that the story was a little weak, but overall it’s still one of the best titles DC publishes.

  4. I did realize though that oddly when I read Batman’s inner dialogue, it’s the dude from Batman: the Animated Series’s voice in my head. Am I the only one?

    I have that when I read any Batman book, but that’s probably chalked up to the fact I grew up with the show. But every back book I read, that’s the voice I hear (Cept from the ones from the 50’s, can’t picture that voice yelling “Great Scott!”)

  5. Cross Bronx was pretty good. It has me excited for Omega Flight, provided that Captain America isn’t on the team. Captain America on a Canadian superhero team? WTF? Although I guess it’s not much more sensible if it is US Agent. Anyway I digress..

    Detective Comics 823 was pretty good. I’ve never really read Batman until you guys put me on to this present Dini run and I’ve enjoyed it and also the Morrison stuff in the Batman series, Man-Bats aside.

    Punisher 37 began a new arc and it seems like it’s going to be pretty good. It links back to a previous good arc. I think that’s the first time so far in the MAX series, could be wrong it’s early and all.

    Y was good. Big suprise there as it always is.

    American Splendor was pretty cool. I enjoyed it. It was part 1 of 4 from Vertigo. I’m not sure if there’s to be an ongoing after that or not but if there is I’ll likley buy it.

    Phoenix:Warsong was also pretty cool. Always liked the Cuckoos, and there is that scene where Cyclops gets set on fire. Damn if it wasn’t a dream. Look mister….

    I also picked up Spiderman: Black, Blue, and Read All Over on a masochistic whim but that was also suprisingly good. Perhaps it’s because I expected it to completely suck but hey it wasn’t that bad. It was a reimagining on Peter Parker unmasking. The good news is that it still pissed J. Jonah off.

    Overall, a light but entertaining week for me.

  6. Was it that bad at the store this week that these are the top of the stack?

  7. I had a good week, but I bought a lot of comics from passed weeks that I passed on.

    My experiment with the Superman comics has begun. I bought the last issue of Action Comics and Superman. I liked the pencils in Superman over Action, but Action had a cool Superman moment. Right now I am leaning towards keeping that one. Does anyone know how long Busiek is expected to do both?

    I forgot about American Way last week, it was okay.

    Justice League of America #0 was really good. I don’t think I have ever read a comic where Batman had so much heart.

    Phoenix Warsong was confusing.

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man was pretty good. Todd Nauck (whom Augie suggested to take over Ultimate Spider-man after Bagley) and Peter David are one of my personal favorite comic teams.

    I thought Detective was good, though the art was very different. Yes, I too hear the Kevin Conroy doing Batman’s voice.

    I checked out Jonah Hex too. Hmmm, a spirit who deals of vengeance. Sounds familiar.

    All in all comics were great even after the crappy week I had.

  8. Quick question on the previous issue of Y: The Last Man, did anyone get the significance of that picture that Alter held up on the last page?

    Friendly Neighborhood was okay, Y was great. As was Battler Britton but I am having the hardest time keeping all the characters straight. They need to include a guide to the characters and maybe not dress all of them in khaki.

  9. I read Beyond! by Dwayne McDuffie & Scott kollins, and can’t help but compare it to this japanese cult movie called, Battle Royale. http://www.us.imdb.com/title/tt0266308/

    I don’t know if i’d recommend the book, I just read it as part of my JLU mourning process(Obviously McDuffie & Kollins’ inkless art). But I sure as hell recommend the movie.

    Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

  10. Yea, I collect Noble Causes in trade form and after the last one, I just don’t think that I’m going to keep going. I mean, it’s alright, but the whole soap opera thing is kinda done in every other comic without feeling melodramatic. I’m not sure that’s how you want your comic distinguished from the pack.

    I think that I’ll be checking out the trade of Cross Bronx.

  11. Matt, did you have a different last page than me? I’m looking through the issue this moment, and I see no picture.

  12. Are you talking issue #48? Yeah, I’m referring back ’cause I re-read #48 before #49.

  13. OH, the previous issue. Yeah, I don’t have that anywhere where I can look through it, but I was thumbing through 49 pretty feverishly. I should read closer. I have no idea.

  14. It was such a slow week I didn’t even bother stopping at the comics shop. It means I have to wait an extra week for LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE McDUCK COMPANION, but that’s OK. I have too much other stuff backed up that needs my attention right now.

    The best part of CROSS BRONX was the rejection letters. The story, itself, didn’t do much for me.

  15. Sometimes, sometimes, it is very hard to wait for the podcast to come out to share my feelings.

    And now, you’ll have to wait, just like I do.

  16. What a disappointing week at the comic book store. I picked up six books, and there were major problems with every one of them.

    52 was my PotW for the week. But even that had some problems, like the fact it took two weeks of comic time for Isis/Black Adam to team up with Question/Montoya. The real-time thing was a cool hook, and I actually like all of the stories, but the device simply does not translate to the comic page well. Also, the art continues to suck. I can’t really figure out why, either. Each of these guys is just drawing once a month. Is it the boring, standard Giffen breakdowns? At least the Detective Chimp was in there. Love the Chimp.

    I also liked the stories in Atom and the Outsiders (Mallah and the Brain have turned into my two favorite DC villians – I just love talking monkeys). But the art was borderline awful in each. Does John Byrne draw backgrounds any more?

    Uncanny was solid. Maybe I just expect too much from Brubaker, but I wanted to fall in love with the X-Men on this and I haven’t. And the art is so hit or miss. I loved the pages that were all Shi’Ar, but overall I don’t dig it. Havok and Polaris look strange to me. That said, Warpath is the break out character of the year. Always kick a skrull when they’re down.

    As for Detective, I liked the art and I kind of liked the story, but they didn’t really fit together. It was a bad match. Does anyone know what happened to Rags Morales? I thought he was going to draw some of Dini’s run.

    I didn’t like the Cross Bronx. I wanted to love it, but the story was pretty underwhelming. It certainly didn’t make me want to pick up the next issue. Maybe I’ll read it again.

    Screw this week’s books… I’m going back to my Gotham Central trades.

  17. Matt that picture in Y #48: I just dug it out and looked at it. I think that it’s offered as a kind of supporting evidence that she’s Yorick’s savior. She’s talking about how she can save him and everyone else is out to get him and then she’s like: see look at this picture I’m a badass. It’s my guess anyway

  18. I almost picked up the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck today while I was at my shop today. But $17 was more than I was looking to spend on some ducktales. Hopefully next week. I did pick up Roald Dahl’s Gremlins HC. Seems to be pretty cool.

  19. Fred, that’s kinda what I was thinking too but I was just wondering if there was supposed to be more significance the way she was wielding it on that big last page spread. I think you are right though.

  20. Y was awesome this week. Probably the best comic out there right now.

    Fitty Too was good too and that is all i got.

  21. i didnt get much new this week, mostly back issues of stuff….but i did get the new uncanny x-men and i must say i was happy with it…there was finally some good action and powers uses…i am most likely the only person besides ron who will never drop xmen books…..ever….

  22. was anyone else confused by the fact that nightcrawler didn’t die on contact with free space after he teleported that skrull out of the ship? i thought he would die…then again i know nothing about science.

    i picked jonah hex on a whim but also partly of all the praise josh and conor bestow upon it, and honestly i was pretty underwhelmed…the art is really pretty but i can’t get over those if’n contractions in the dialogue and the whole ghost rider el diablo fella was just weird…

    i think my potw would have been detective comics, it’s just like watching the cartoon which makes me all warm and funny inside. there was one panel of ivy where she was inside the glass tube and her head looked the size of the elemphant man, but that’s a total nitpick. i totally digged the plant reversal situation ivy got herself into…the art was ok, but my biggest gripe would have to be simone’s cover, as nice as it looks i wonder if a few leaves here and there are enough for a costume. and yes i know i sound like a big whiner but this week was disapointing.

  23. You’ll never drop the X-Men? Greg Land illustrates Chuck Austen’s triumphant return to the title starting with the six-part arc, “Xorn Was Really Impossible Man All Along”? Never?

    I liked the book quite a bit, but Nightcrawler’s spacebamf must have been very, very quick. Forget airlessness; there are extremes of temperature and pressure to contend with too, yeah? That’s not to say it bothered me. I’m not That Guy. “That spacewalk was ridiculous and completely implausible! Unlike the purple demon man who teleports in a cloud of brimstone. That I remember from physics class.”

    There is a comic book cliche that is in my top ten all-time comic pet peeves, and Uncanny X-Men featured it this week. I would estimate that 40% of all the times this cliche has happened in comics, it has happened in X-Men comics. It is this scene:

    “I’m going to blast you with my energy powers, villain! BAM! Take that! Hope you like the taste of pain and nondescript, crackly energy!”

    [Villain takes the blast. Villain smiles.]

    “Thank you. Thank you so much for charging me up just now. I FEED off your energy blasts! Ha ha, how ya like me now?!”

    It’s the sarcastic “thank you”– which happens every time– that pushes it over the edge for me. This has happened to every X-Man 7,942 times. Even Cypher.

  24. I call that the “Sebastian Shaw Special.”

    It’s happened at least twice with this and in Astonishing.

  25. Just finished reading my weekly stack and my POW has to be Detective 823. The art this week was great and the story was strong. I think the thing that I’m really diggin about Dini’s run on Detective that they’re all done in one as opposed to the last several years of Batman. I’ve recently been backtracking through the recent history of Batman and that title has a slew of multipart cross overs within the Batman family of books. While these can be really interesting if they have a great payoff, a lot times what ends up happening is that you end up with these orphaned copies of the peripheral Batman titles. I think this is where the trades can come in really handy.

    Has anybody else been reading the Creeper series by Niles and Justiano? The artwork is amazing but the story leaves a lot to be desired.

  26. We’re all using iFanboy terminology now. “My POW.”
    We’re all converts.
    Tomorrow, the world.

  27. i also liked Detective 823….but i am a new batman reader so it will take a little time for me to be able to pick it over something that i know a little better….and i also think that nightcrawlers spacewall was faster than could possibly be represented in comics…and speaking of nitpicks…since darwins power is adaptive, wouldnt he have adapted into a form of matter that could walk through a door??

  28. The Good thing about Detective is that if there is a bad issue at least it won’t be a bad 6 part multi. That being said I only picked up Det this week. After I heard the PotW I went back and picked Cross Bronx. I gotta say I wasn’t impressed till I read it. I’m not a real big fan for too-cartoony art. But I gotta sya it works here, I guess I better go check Powers…lol.

    With such a slow week I decided to go get some back issues.
    LoveLess #1-#2 – This is great, brutal but great.
    Testement #1 – This is gonna be great
    The Exterminators TPB – not read yet kinda excited and just want to hold it. =P
    Kabuki #1-#2 – this is for my Wife who loves it.
    Still trying to find strangegirl #3-#4 but will most likely buy the trade, and Wasteland #2.
    But most of my money the last 2 months went to getting Ult Spiderman TPB 1-9,11. – the best, and Ulti FF #1-#5 great as well.
    Oh ya my wife and myself wrote a comic book, well only a 6 page endeavour but we…like it.
    Shes on inks and I wrote it…poorly.

  29. I love the iFanboy community:

    1)If not for iFanboy, I never would have started reading the Dini-in-one Detective Comics, particularly if I had judged the book by its covers, which I think have been solicited as some kind of elaborate prank on the readership.

    2)So many people last week said that CIVIL WAR: YOUNG AVENGERS & RUNAWAYS & SOFORTH was awful that I dreaded reading it all weekend. When I did then read it, and it wasn’t the worst thing ever created, it exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Hence, even iFanboy’s bad reviews have helped me enjoy my purchases.

    This new Fantastic 4 cartoon on Cartoon Network: I like the cut of its jib. (Though the voice talent is not really doing it for me yet.) In this week’s episode, Dr. Doom switches bodies with Reed, but Sue immediately knows something is wrong when Reed propositions her for sex. Watch the rerun if you don’t believe me.

  30. Also: Heroes for Hire #1 comes out and sells out. Two weeks later, its creative team announces that they are now exclusive to DC. How does this affect the sales of issue #2? Discuss.

  31. “Also: Heroes for Hire #1 comes out and sells out. Two weeks later, its creative team announces that they are now exclusive to DC. How does this affect the sales of issue #2? Discuss.”

    In desperate attempt to maintain sales figures, Marvel finally dispenses with all pretense and publishes not just H4H but all books featuring Black Cat, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing as straight pornography.

    Greg Land to draw from vast collection of photo reference.

  32. So off-topic here, but I was going to the gym and needed something to read on the stairmaster so I hit the library and grabbed the trade of JMS’ STRANGE. And I really liked it. It grabbed me and I thought it would make a terrific movie.

    Until it occurred to me maybe it already had. And was known as the MATRIX.

    Anyone else read this? I presume this is old news.

  33. whoever says Jim lee has no place in comics is my enemy as well

  34. Y finishes with #60, and apparently the big reveal about what caused the death of all the men is in #50

  35. Now Y is the book I wont miss when its gone.

  36. You know, I buy Y, but I let it sit on the coffee table for months and months before I make myself read it. This new “Eternals” miniseries has been the same way.

    “I’m moving.” “To prison.”

    I can’t even imagine what a Herculean undertaking it must be to move from L.A. to New York; I helped a friend move some of her life from St. Louis to Boston, and by the time we were done I expected the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

  37. I cracked up at the Peter/Aunt May donation comic. It is a hoot. Yes, a hoot.

    How much more praise do you guys need?

  38. Next Saturday is the actual “move-in day”. That may spell the end of iFanboy.

  39. jim lee is a dick though.

  40. Let’s try to be at least somewhat civil here.

  41. Jim Lee is KING

  42. Let’s try to be at least somewhat civil here.

    No this is CIVIL WAR

  43. I have always liked Jim Lee’s style, but I have never collected any of the comics he has done. I do have a couple issues from his X-Men days, but not a lot. I never bought any of his Image/Wildstorm stuff. I always liked the style when pictures of his drawings would appear in Wizard, but I have never consistantly bought a series that he did the art for.

    Personally, I don’t know anything about the guy. I have never even read a bad thing about him anywhere on the internet.

    I do have a set of the first series of X-Men trading cards, which Jim Lee did the art for. Those I like a lot.

  44. See there? Common ground. I always liked Jim Lee pretty much when he used to draw comics. I bought the first few issues of Hush; I bought the first few issues of that Azzarello Superman run. I also have the legally mandated five copies of X-Men #1. Actually, if my plan from 1991 was on track, now would be a good time to sell those and retire to the Caymans.

  45. Vengence upon my comic enemies.

  46. I have nothing but love for everybody in the iFanboy community. It’s hard enough just to find other people that really like comics.

  47. Let the battle begin

  48. Theres a war going down between my brothers tonight
    I dont want no war going down tonight
    Stop this war
    Civilization ha I call it as I see it
    I call it bullshit you know I still cannot believe it
    Our evolution now has gone the way of hate
    A world evolved resolved in this stupid fate
    Stop this war
    All so different yeah I say were all the same
    All caught you know in the division game
    Self destruction fast impending like a bullet
    No one can stop it once its fired no one can control it
    Stop this war
    A final word, wait it’s not a call to action
    We aint no sect we aint no fucking faction
    Unity unity unity you’ve heard it all before
    This time its not exclusive we want to stop a war
    Stop this war
    Ain’t nothin wrong, with another unity song
    Ain’t nothin wrong
    Ain’t nothin wrong, with a unity song
    Unity as one stand together
    Unity evolutions gonna come

  49. Ron what have i done? What have I done?
    You have touched my heart and the hate is gone. Please forgive me Jimski. I have broken the evil spell now. We must team up and do good.

  50. if you guys think grant morrison and jim lee are overrated, i guess there’s not gonna be much love for the new wildcats series which i’m really excited about.

  51. I don’t think Grant Morrison is overrated.

    But I’m probably not going to buy Wildcats because I just don’t care about those characters that much.

  52. Im buying Wildcats because of jim lee mostly and it will be more of the original and less of the crap that Joe Casey did.

  53. i actually haven’t read any wildcats but i like that creative team. what are the good wildcats runs? i know alan moore did some stuff but is there anything else worth reading?

  54. I loved the first Wildcat mini by Jim Lee and the Moore run was nice and thats it to me.

  55. We must team up and do good.

    I’m a much better sidekick than a nemesis anyway. In the evil plan department, I’m Stilt-Man at best.

    That said, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of Wildcats. Like Wizard, it looks like it was one of those things that came out in the year after I left comics “for good” (the first time). Apparently it’s had one big-name creative team after another, though. And I do tend to like Crazy Grant Morrison a lot better when he’s working on characters I know nothing about. Maybe I will give it a chance.

  56. I really, really want to read the Alan Moore stuff, but I haven’t yet for some reason.

    I loved Joe Casey’s run – that was really great.

  57. I am a liar. I collected the Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four series that Jim Lee drew. The best Dr. Doom drawings that I have ever seen.

  58. I should have stuck up for Pocket sized Jim Lee more on the podcast, I still like him.

    and despite my abhorrance of Grant’s writing, I’ll be getting WildCATS, because for some reason, I always buy it whenever they roll it out again…

  59. Casey’s run sucked away all of the fun parts of the book and drove fans away. It was the Bendis way of writing that was bland and padded.

  60. so cute. fits right in your pocket. I will feed him sunflower seeds and pet his head.

  61. Funny that Casey’s run was the only one I bought since the original run by Pocket Sized Jim Lee.

    I haven’t read Alan Moore’s but I’m sure it’s good.

  62. At the risk of attracting an arch-nemesis….

    Can you imagine seeing Jim Lee draw? That regular sized pencil between his pocket-sized fingers. I would probably die. It would look like one of those gag 4 foot tall pencils from the 80’s.

    Do you think someone lifts him up so that he can sketch the tops of the pages or does he just start on the sketch and work top down? Wouldn’t want to climb across and smudge it.

  63. There are certain writers whose books I will try solely because they are on it. Even if I know nothing about the book or characters, or have disliked the book in the past, it will at least get a trial run from me. WildCATS is a prime example of this. I couldn’t stand the book when it started at Image and I gave up on it after a couple of issues, but since Grant Morrison is writing it, I am giving it a shot. And even though I know almost nothing about it, I am betting I will like it. Hopefully I am right.

    Jim Lee’s art is irrelevant to me – I could take it or leave it.

  64. i also give whatever grant morrison does a try. hell, i even enjoyed the filth.

    the biggest compliment i can give pocket sized jim lee: i generally hate 90’s art, but i seem to like his.

  65. Jim Lee’s art is irrelevant to me – I could take it or leave it.

    Jim Lee can be taken or left as well now that he’s in convenient pocket size

  66. Cross Bronx had me until the ending–I would have been much more interested in a “realistic” crime story than the uninspiring turn it takes. Despite Oeming’s great art and layouts, which did a nice job setting a cool vibe, I don’t think I’ll be back #2.

    (And Ron, thanks for dropping some Op Ivy lyrics–now I’ve got that and “Sound System” in my head. Vintage.)

  67. I tend to be more drawn to a comic equally by the art and the writing. I have to like either one of those things in order for me to read a comic past the first couple of issues. Having said that, I’ll read just about anything that Jim Lee does. His take on Batman in the Hush run was one of the best takes that I’ve ever seen.

    On the subject of WildCATS, I’m picking that one up solely due to Jim Lee. I haven’t read enough of Grant Morrison to know whether I like his stuff or not. I think the only thing I’ve read by him is All Star Superman which I’m really on the fence about.

  68. My pick of the week would have to be Local #6.

    If you haven’t heard of the series, it’s basically a story that’s set in a different city (a “Local”, if you’re hip) for each issue. The series is centered around the main character, Megan, but not every issue is solely about her. The whole hook of the book is very cool, since the city/local itself becomes a character in the story, but I think what really has me is the organic feel of the story. It’s not forced in any respect, and the stories told so far have been really touching in their own special way. The art is absolutely beautiful too, and the artist, Ryan Kelly, really hit his stride with issue #6 (if you ask me).

    I wholeheartedly recommend everyone pick up the singles or trade (whenever that comes out). It’s one of those books that I let friends who aren’t into comics borrow because it’s such a great story with such broad appeal. Each issue is self-contained enough that you don’t have to track down the other stuff, but there’s some really wonderful character progression that takes place if you start reading it from the first issue.

    Local receives Kal’s stamp of approval. So does Cross Bronx #1. Y the Last Man #49, too. Jack Staff #11, however, most definitely does not, but that is a road we will not travel down.

  69. I will definitely be picking up Local when it hits in trade.

  70. I’m hoping for a Demo style trade, although if that’s the case we’ll be waiting for another 6 months…

  71. Actually we might be waiting a year (or more) for the trade. There are still six issues of Local to come out, and the Demo trade was at least six months after the last issue of that series came out…

  72. Josh is HIGH! I’m listening to the show right now and I’m getting hot and excited. Cross Bronx was INCREDIBLE!!!! The scene with Mrs. Ortiz and Rafael was so well executed I just about exploded with how great it was. I used to teach in the Bronx. For four years. This book captured the flavor and feel of the Bronx PERFECTLY. It was a GREAT comic. I seriously thing Oeming is the BEST storyteller around right now. Him and Darwyn Cooke. They rock. This is the best pick of the week in a LLLOOONNNGGG time and I’d buy it for someone . . . Maybe I’ll buy a copy for my boss and pass it on cause I think it was a great read.

  73. On the topic of Jim Lee. While his art is awesome I’ve met the guy and I went the a panal about Jim Lee for Jim Lee as told by Jim Lee. Seriously the guys got a pretty big ego and acts like his the best thing out right now. Of course Dan Didio practically fawning over everything he does I’m sure doesn’t help in keeping his ego in check.

  74. it’s the napoleon complex

  75. yo jim lee is a fag. he could be a doctor helping people right now since he has an MD, but no he decides to be an arrogant artist

  76. i don’t think you can fault someone for choosing a profession they would be happier in, which i imagine is why he attempted getting in to comics. but yeah, i hear he is pretty arrogant (though i’ve personally never seen it)

  77. Personally, I thought Marvel Zombies was a waste of time. It was neither particularly compelling nor horrifically bad; it was just kinda… there. Wish I would have plunked my Jackson (That’s how I roll.) on something more worthwhile. Definitely an overhyped book.

    The only podcasts I usually listen to are, of course, iFanboy.com ™ and the increasing sporadic Watchtower News, but this week I just happened to catch About Comics out of Chicago, and I liked it. This week is part one of a lengthy interview with John Byrne, which I thought you or some of your listeners might want to check out since it was mentioned on the last podcast. I expected evil, but he actually seemed pretty cool. I’ll be checking out part two when it’s available.

  78. yo jim lee is a fag.

    We dont’ ask for a lot here, but we do ask that you not use slurs.

  79. And at least use ‘yo’ properly. It should have read, “jim lee is a f*g, yo.” That’s just common sense.

  80. He could be the first doctor that can actually climb into your ear and tell you what’s wrong. That is the real shame here.

    Nurse: Dr Lee
    Jim Lee: What?
    You: Stop yelling in my head Pocket Size Dr Lee!

    That would be awesome. And by the way, there’s no chance that he’d be arrogant as a doctor as they never are. Maybe he could’ve hit 2 of his 3 alleged passions by becoming a proctologist. Everyone wins and I love a compromise

  81. since when has ifanboy become a PBS kids saturday morning cartoon? you guys read violent and slur-filled comics every week for fuck’s sake!

    horatio, why dont you stop sucking conor’s dick. they probably wont ever let you come hang out with them so stop trying.

    so conor, i am SORRY about the slurs. okay?

  82. Well he DID say he was sorry….Fuck

  83. yeah seriously! i mean JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I’M SORRY.

    sorry i called the comic god Jim Lee a fag.

    i mean all you bitches at ifanboy KNOW you don’t really like jim lee but if you roast him on here that would ruin your chances of getting him to record a special guest appearance when you pick wildcats or all star batman sin city as your pick of the week. let’s face it guys, you haven’t really had any big guest appearances and you ARE the cream of the crop out there on terms of comic book review podcasts.

    so let’s just agree to disagree, let bygones be bygones, and forget this all happened okay?

  84. Now, if Horatio actually sucked Conor’s dick and he enjoyed it, we might understand your slur towards Horatio. We wouldn’t condone it or request you do it more often, but at least your narrow point of view would make some sense. Has Jim Lee ever sucked your dick? He has never sucked my dick nor am I aware of any other dick sucking that he has done so that is why you appear to be insensitive and off-base.
    Thank You

  85. That is a damn good point fred. However, let’s try not to ignore all the elementary school grammar lessons about figures of speech when we are trying to make a valid argument.

  86. wait, will i get in trouble for saying “damn”? fuck! sorry guys.

  87. I can think of many figures of speech that I would use I were inclined to bring the conversation down to that level. And thank you sir for conceding my point.

  88. Only if you call someone a damn f*g

  89. You know what Fred, you are a good guy. I didn’t even know conversations had certain “levels”. First, you make a valid point about my figure of speech and how I should have probably been clearer, then you proceed to remind me insensitive and off-base I am, and finally, you bestow upon me the knowledge of conversation levels which differentiate according to the above aspects: clarification of figure of speech, and insensitivity. Very good, young chap.

  90. My real point though is:
    Jim Lee is a mediocre artist who also happens to be the size of a Tic Tac.
    There is plenty of material there without casting aspersions on his sexual preference.

  91. Guys, can we bring it back to the comic talk? I think the way Jim Lee draws female characters is proof enough that he is not a homosexual.

  92. I wouldn’t say mediocre. I just think hes a jerk off

  93. Yes Dave Graham lets bring back the comic talk. I think that it is well established that Jim Lee isn’t a homosexual and that there are plenty of other things to make fun of him for anyway.

  94. yeah, definitely a fag.

  95. What you don’t think gay dudes can draw hot women? NOW who’s the one being disrespectful?!

  96. What you don’t think gay dudes can draw hot women? NOW who’s the one being socially ignorant?!

  97. ZING!

  98. …There should be a “delete post” button around here somewhere

  99. Darrel, I think it’s time for our team-up!

    Is this what happens when we don’t have enough good books to amuse ourselves with in a week? We resort to iFanboy cannibalism?

  100. I hope your next issue does not have the stink of cancellation on it

  101. Man, that last Marvel Team-Up… man. They ended that arc like they were mad at it. They beat it like it owed them money.

    Conversely, tell me this is not the funniest thing you’ve seen all day:


  102. Clearly that’s awesome

  103. I loved Scott Pilgrim. Loved it. I was loving it up until that point that you were talking about in the podcast, and I loved it after that as well.

    It did catch me by suprise initially, but if you accept it as a cool plot device, I think you’ll really dig the rest of the books. Because they are mostly about Scott and his relationships. The other stuff is just some fun silliness.

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