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August 24, 2005 – iFanboy Potpourri

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iFanboy readers (all two of them) are in for a treat this week! You see, it’s wedding season again at iFanboy and luckily Conor and Ron found themselves together on a Wednesday. Coincidentally, it is Josh’s turn to do the Pick of the Week, but he’s… indisposed. Or about to be indisposed. So we decided to step in an do the Pick together but picking the same book was harder than we thought, so for this week we’ve picked four books that we both read and are providing you, our two loyal readers, with our thoughts.

Ultimate X-Men Annual #1
Published by Marvel Comics | $3.99
Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Tom Raney

Ron: I read this book first, hoping the trend of the Ultimate Annual as Pick of the Week–
Conor: And he hated it.
Ron: Talk about not delivering the goods. Whew. The art blew, the story blew. Even the cover blew!
Conor: Okay, first of all Ron is biased against X-Men stories that weren’t written in the mid-80s. Second, yes it wasn’t as good as the last two Ultimate Annuals but it wasn’t that bad. The biggest problem is that no one can write Gambit without it sounding horrible and cliched. Also, Ultimate Juggernaut suuucked.
Ron: I’m ignoring that mid-80’s comment, Bat-boy. Juggernaut was a complete and total disappointment. I know that they have to tweak the Ultimate characters, and that’s fine — I can deal. But Ultimate Juggernaut looks like some sort of awful Metroid villain!
Conor: Why is he wearing blue jeans?
Ron: I don’t know. Four dollars for this crap!

Teen Titans #27
Published by DC Comics | $2.50
Story by Gail Simone
Art by Rob Liefeld

Conor: First off all, my copy was ruined from all the blood that was pouring out of my eyes. Second, the cover says “Come on… you know you want it.” No, sir or madam. I do not want it.
Ron: Cyborg looks like Cable, but black!
Conor: Third of all — why did Liefeld feel compelled to change Robin’s costume? Is it that hard to draw the characters properly? Did the costume need the little Liefeld flairs that he adds to every costume? He didn’t even get the “R” right, for chrissakes.
Ron: You know who’s totally psyched for this issue? Geoff Johns.
Conor: God, let’s move on.

Daredevil #76
Published by Marvel Comics | $2.99
Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Alex Maleev

Ron: And so the Bendis love fest continues, but I’m not sorry. This is possibly one of the best ongoing runs on a title I’ve ever read in my collecting history.
Conor: Thank god for Bendis, his dialogue is second to none, but I have to say wasn’t last issue supposed to be his last? And didn’t we do this story already?
Ron: I thought the previous arc was his last too, but I’m not complaining, I’ll take as much as I can get. I did think about the redundancy of this story when compared to the “Out” story arc, but if I know anything about Bendis, no way this is a re-hash.
Conor: I’m sorry, but we have to go back to Liefeld for a minute. The only thing more disturbing than the art in Teen Titans this week is those uber creepy Bod ads running in all the comics lately. I feel dirty when I look at them. And not good dirty.
Ron: Agreed. Who are those targeted at anyway? Girls or guys? They’re kinda erotic, but… back to Daredevil. It’s just freaking good.
Conor: I know it’s probably getting boring, but Bendis — good, Maleev — good. This book — good.

Jack Cross #1
Published by DC Comics | $2.50
Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Gary Erskine

Conor: Now, I actually didn’t buy this book because I was running late to catch a train to Ron’s place and had to go to a store that is not as well laid out as my usual store, so I missed it. I don’t think I have to name names here, but my regular store is rhymes with “Midtown Comics” and the other store rhymes with “Jim Hanley’s Universe”.
Ron: You and your retailer feud! Talk about the book!
Conor: Okay, fine. Warren Ellis certainly likes his loner, throw-the-book-out-the-window-to-get-the-job-done anti-hero heroes.
Ron: I liked this book a lot better when it was on TV and called 24.
Conor: Overall I liked it, and I’ll probably end up picking up this issue and the others. And I am duly impressed that this is being published under the DC banner and not an imprint, considering some of the content.
Ron: There isn’t even a “mature readers” warning or anything! But did he HAVE to name the badass character Jack?
Conor: Yes.

And so ends out mini Picks of the Week. We hope you’ve enjoyed them and until next time, we’ll see you AT THE COMIC STORE!

Conor Kilpatrick & Ron Richards
“Conor, you ignorant slut”
conor@ifanboy.com & ron@ifanboy.com

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