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August 13, 2008 – Secret Invasion #5

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Apparently the end of the summer super hero movie season has left us at iFanboy wanting more. More excitement, more action, and more moments that make comics fun. With Conor showing his DC loyalty with last week’s Pick, how could I not come out this week waving Secret Invasion #5 over my head?

I won’t lie, I’ve been right there with everyone complaining about Secret Invasion. About how all the action appeared to be in side books like The New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers, and the most excellent Captain Britain and the MI13, and how I couldn’t believe how slow this story was going. How could they STILL be in the Savage Land? I mean, seriously? I was very close to being very upset with this entire event, and even pushing off this mini series of Secret Invasion, calling it a failure. And then a funny thing happened. Stuff happened.

Finally, the moment that I knew Bendis had in him arrived. Where the pieces were finally set and the wheels placed in motion, the Secret Invasion glacier finally lurched forward, and man, when it lurches, it lurches with a bang. When doing a huge company wide crossover (or nearly company wide, in that its company wide where convenient), there is huge opportunity to make big things occur and make each moment worth reading. But there is also the chance that a writer can get lost in the details, the A, B, C, D plots and so on. The first four issues of Secret Invasion, while starting off interesting, meandered and the pieces were very slowly put into place. I wouldn’t have described the first four issues of Secret Invasion as fun comics. No, they were more… like anxious comics. And it’s only now at issue #5, is that I realize that anxiety came from the same feeling you get as you climb that first hill of a roller coaster. You know that at some point you’re going to reach the top and then go hurtling downward on what you hope will be a fun ride and maybe you’ll puke. But boy,  for a ride that good, maybe a little puke is okay.

And so with Issue #5, we’ve reached the top of the hill and now the roller coaster ride is going down hill. Finally we see the heroes regrouping after the initial attack of the Skrulls. We get a feeling for the scope of the invasion as we see a two page spread of notable media types, including politicians, entertainers, heroes, villains and even the Pope, inform the world of the Skrull invasion and their declaration of victory. We see a little more of what Nick Fury is up to and we see Maria Hill have her moment. We see Mister Fantastic saved and put into a position of being able to do something. We see resolution to the Ronin/Hawkeye and Mockingbird situation that honestly had us a little scared, but gave us a killer issue ending. We even finally came to the conclusion of just who was a Skrull and who wasn’t. And while the Avengers may still be in the Savage Land, I bet they’re going to finally head back to New York very soon (finally). If you asked me a week ago what I wanted to see in Secret Invasion #5, I’m pretty sure I would have said just one thing and would have been happy. But to have so much action and story movement in just 22 (or so) pages? Well done, Bendis and Yu. Oh, and to have this be a fun comic book to read? Even better.

It’s easy to bash on these big events, and as I said I was teetering close to the edge with Secret Invasion. But I have to admit, I’m loving this. I love the well thought out and crafted subtlety of story that Bendis has laid out for us for over 5 years now. I’m a huge continuity nerd, and I’m hard pressed to find flaws in making sense of what’s happened. It started out as an unraveled ball, and while I concede impatience with the speed of things, it’s beginning to come together and I can see how the pieces and story fit together and I’m incredibly intrigued. There may be a ton of characters to keep track of, as well as numerous locations and several plot threads dangling, but somehow for me personally, it’s beginning to make sense. I can see where the momentum is going and I want to be there for the climax of this (Which is only 3 issues away). What’s even more stunning is how this event has made me completely forget about Civil War, World War Hulk and pretty much every other storyline that’s dragged me down over the past couple of years. That’s no easy feat. And again, it’s fun to read. That’s something we forget when we sit down with our comic books, expecting the next great work of art and storytelling. But at the end of the day, especially with comics like the ones Marvel publishes, ultimately it’s about escaping the world we exist in and having fun in this made up one. In that regard, I can’t think of a comic that delivered that any better than this.

Ron Richards
So glad they resolved Mockingbird.



  1. I was having a tough POW debate between this issue and Captain Britain.  I ended up choosing the latter, but I gotta say that this issue finally got me.  This is what Secret Invasion is supposed to be.  This is the kind of stuff I was hoping for.  Here’s to three more great issues!

  2. This was a really tremendous week. Everything I got delivered, and I got a lot of books. And even Secret Invasion delivered, in a big way. I had a tough time making my pick. I was torn between six books (SIX!) including Secret Invasion, Phil Hester’s hilarious and awesome Golly!, Final Crisis: Revelations, Walking Dead and SI: Thor, and FF. I ended up choosing Fantastic Four, but not feeling that definitve about it. I can’t wait for the pick of the week podcast, because there will be so many awesome books to talk about.

    Anyway, yay comics!

  3. I concur, great week for comics.  Secret Invasion FINALLY found it’s footing (@3.99 a pop it needed to find it a bit sooner for my liking).


    It must be said that Batman R.I.P. was really good as well this week.  Morrison is starting to show his hand and exposing the evils that are in the shadows of this book. I feel like this arc is a roller coaster that has had many crazy twists and turns and right now the cars are at the summit of the biggest drop on the ride.  🙂


    the Tiki 

  4. Yeah, no…

  5. totally agree. what a great book.

  6. this issue was good for this series but for me The Walking Dead was a great done in one story.  But I’m interested in SI again b/c of this issue.


  7. Great Pick, Great book. Was it just me or did Yu’s art seem a little off in some panels. Especially panels involving Wolverine. I hope he can keep up with the monthly.

  8. Well, first let me say that the best book I read this week– without question– was Walking Dead.  #51 might’ve been my favorite issues of that series to date.  But, since many people here read that in trade, I figured it wouldn’t be in the running for POW– and also I can’t say much more about it, for fear of spoilerage.

    Of the rest of my rather large stack this week, I thought several books were better than Secret Invasion: Captain Britain, SI: Thor (Fraction continues to be tremendous with Thor), and Fantastic Four.  And, of course, Action Comics, probably the 2nd best book I read this week.  As good as Geoff Johns is on that book, I think Gary Frank is really pushing it to all-time-great levels. 

    Don’t get me wrong– Secret Invasion #5 was fine– definitely the best issue since #1, if only because the book finally started taking some steps forward.  As issue #5 it was good– but I would have preferred to see it as issue #2 or at the latest, #3.  

  9. Secret Invasion was good, for sure.

    But Walking Dead was jaw-droppingly amazing, an emotional & psychological bomb blast.

    As Jim says possibly definitely the best issue of the entire run. I feel real sorry for the wait-for-traders…. 

  10. I definitely enjoyed Secret Invasion #5.  It’s what the series should have been since issue 2 (in terms of pacing, plotting, action, etc.).  But my POW is definitely Batman.  It may scratch some heads, but with this issue, Grant Morrison blew my mind, and changed everything I’ve ever thought comics could be.

  11. Another great Hawkeye/Clint Barton moment.  Bravo even better than Mark Millar’s moment in Wolverine.

  12. And here I thought you would pick Action Comics #868, oh well I can dream can’t I.

    I plan on reading Secret Invasion in trade because I don’t think I could tolerate reading 6 months of issues with nothing happening.  I think SI should have been six issues, I feel it would flow better.

  13. good job ron. i enjoyed this issue but alas it was not my pick of the week. i have yet to decide what that will be.

  14. I went with Batman RIP as my POW because it exceeded my expectations whereas Secret Invasion finally just managed to meet them.

  15. I Secret Invaison over yet? I’m really excited to get to 9 months of Marvel titles that jdo nothing but  tease next summers event!

  16. "With Conor showing his DC loyalty with last week’s Pick, how could I not come out this week waving Secret Invasion #5 over my head?"

    Is that how the pick of the week is selected?  Ron, is this really the best/your favorite book you read this week?

    I will readily admit that I am a bigger fan of the DC U than the Marvel U, but it can’t just be my favoritism that makes me think this issues was really, really weak. 

    You mention that Bendis has been building to this for 5 years.  Well you would think that somewhere in those 5 years he would have figured out something more original than: Reed whips up a Skrull Revealing Ray in 15 seconds.  Why couldn’t Reed do these 15 seconds after Elektra turned green?  This Deus Ex Machina completely pulled me out of the story.  (Not that that was the only problem I had with this issue.)

    You also mentioned a rollercoaster in your review.  The first issue of SI was great; now that I have read issues 2-5 I feel like that first issue was at the peak before a very large drop.  Unfortunately, that was a large drop in quality and at this point I think I want off the roller coaster.

  17. @stuchlach  I think a majority think that SI improved greatly this issue.

    The Skull revealing ray is not that big an issue.  There are much more ridiculous things going on in other comics all the time.  There’s something more that Reed’s not revealed yet so it’s too early to say that Bendis missed the boat on something.

  18. No just no

  19. @ultimatehoratio- You Marvel apologists and your excuses.

    I’m just teasing. Don’t go Bruce Banner on me.

  20. This was a great issue. Bendis set up all the dominos and now they’re starting to fall. The roller coaster analogy is brilliant. I’ve enjoyed the series from issue 1 – maybe one of the few – and can’t wait to see how Bendis brings this home.

    And I was really, really hoping it was the real Mockingbird. 

  21. @ultimatehoratio – I have no problem with people feeling that SI got better with this issue.  Everyone is entitled his/her own opinion and I will not question it.  However, after reading SI this week I just felt the flaws were so glaring that they overshadowed the strengths and I was somewhat shocked to learn that this was Ron’s pick. 

    Unfortunately, I get the distinct feeling from the way Ron wrote this review that he is making some sort of "make-up" pick that is meant to offset the FC pick last week.  I hope that isn’t what is happening.  Maybe I was just so disappointed by the book that I feel that is the only reason it could be the pick.

    I don’t mean to question Ron’s integrity, but I know how easy it is to let these DC vs. Marvel debates color your opinion of a book.  I also know that Ron is very busy rubbing elbows with the Kevin Rose’s and Alex Albrecht’s of the world, so he might be a little distracted.

    Ron: I love Revision 3 and feel you guys are doing great work over there.  Keep it up.  (You should do some guest spots on The Totally Rad Show during their comics segment.  Jeff did a great job when you spoke with Stan Lee.  Keep cross pollinating the fanbases and you can boost them both.)

  22. Oh, and what happend to the wonderful Cap and Thor appearance at the end of issue 4?  I thought that is what we were supposed to be looking forward to.  Did they even appear in this issue?

    Is anyone else actually reading these issues?  "I feel like I’m taking crazy pills." – Will Ferrell, Zoolander.

  23. Just a reminder folks, that I read Walking Dead in hardcover, so while #51 was great (from what I’ve heard), I didn’t read it yet…so don’t spoil it for me! 🙂

  24. What sold me on this was how it made New Avengers #13(?) (the one about Fury talking to Hill), the whole New Avengers savage land arc (which I didn’t like), and SI #2 (which I didn’t like) all TOTALLY pay off.

  25. When all of this is over, I am going to make a t-shirt. It will say "Ron was right."

    Up there, where Ron says he had to pick this book after Conor’s pick last week… what if… what if he was… joking? A little?

  26. yes.  Easily the best issue since the first one.  Only disapointed that there was no cap or thor, exspecially since that was the cliffhanger in the 4th issue.  But i guess they are saving thos 2 till Iron Man can show up and those 3 can kick-ass togeather

  27. Nice pick.  I really enjoyed Secret Invasion this week(but I’ve enjoyed the event over all).  My POW was really hard.  Walking Dead, Action Comics and Secret Invasion were all super strong books but Walking Dead was just better over all.  I wish more people were buying it in issues.

  28. I haven’t read Booster yet, or Zorro, so you know not quite done.

    But I think the best jaw-dropping moment of the week was "Is that Galactus?"

    One of the best splash pages I’ve seen in a while, well done Mr Hitch.

  29. One thing I will say for this issue — it’s the first time I’ve read a comic in which Reed Richards did something useful that was published since the 1960s.  I don’t mean to say there aren’t good stories about Reed; I’m not a FF reader, so I obviously haven’t read most of his books.  But I’ve seen him a lot in crossover books — Illuminati, Civil War, whenever he shows up in xmen or Iron man, etc — and he mostly just pontificates or provides exposition or waxes nostalgic for McCarthyism, or whatever.  This Reed was badass.  Very cool.

    Overall, I’m still middle-of-the road on SI, but it was nice to see the action moving forward, and I wasn’t surprised to see this pick.


  30. I like SI 5, but the interaction between Supergirl and Cat Grant sold me on Action Comics 868 as my POTW.  I have never liked Supergirl that much, but this issue is changing that.

  31. @stuclach

    Ron likes what he likes.  It’s that simple.  As for bias, you criticize SI for not paying off the Thor and Cap thing the very next issue, while in Final Crisis we didn’t find out what happened to Batman.  Does a cliffhanger need to be paid off the very next issue, specifically in a miniseries?

    Don’t be shocked at Ron’s pick because if you look at the ratings for the issue, they’ve been very high.  You appear to be in the minority on this one.

    As for the controversial Skrull ray, I took a peek at issue 1.  He had just finished the specifics for the ray right before he got blasted.  He never got the chance to build it.  He had the schematics in his head and he built the ray once he was freed by Brand.  Brand, by the way, is awesome.

  32. @ultimatehoratio – I have no problem with Ron liking what he likes.  I simply wish he had explained how he got past some of the more ridiculous plot points.  I understand that Reed had done some work on this, but was that work done based on the assumption that he would be using Skrull parts to build it or that it would be assembled in a very short amount of time and was he able to recall the entire schematic from memory?  Did Reed become god while I wasn’t looking?  Maybe I am not reading enough Marvel to follow everything in the storyline.  I have not read the tie-ins.

    Regardless, that is not the only problem I had with the issue.  I wrote a review/rant about it that you can access on this site.  I am fine with being in the minority.  I also thought Indiana Jones and the Magic Refrigerator was bad and I’m clearly in the minority there.  That damn movie is cleaning up.  Sometimes the minority is right.

    I think it is clear that Batman is getting tortured (just as Reed was).  I am not sure what more you want to know about that.  How was that a cliffhanger?  I did not claim that FC is perfect.  I have only scored it a 5 once.  Hell, I gave the first issue of SI a 4.  It was damn good.  It has been downhill since then.

  33. And I just read ‘Astonishing,’ which is far and away my POW.  I love what Ellis is doing with these characters — I really appreciated Storm and Cyclops’ conversation about killing, as the X-books have been dancing around these issues without actually addressing them — and with the layouts on the shipwreck island, I now know what Bianchi was hired for.  I loved this issue, though ‘Secret Invasion: Thor’ was very close (and, I feel like, if I actually knew anything about Beta Ray Bill, I’d be speechless with glee; as it is, this was just a very cool comic).  I also loved "X-men Origins: Jean Grey" — largely for sentimental reasons, being a book about my favorite character; but it was also just a nice one-shot with amazing art. 

    I feel like I’d also have something to say about ‘Batman: Confidential’ except that it was sold out at every store I went to.  Obviously, there’s some great word of mouth for Nicieza and Maguire on this arc.

  34. The rules for the POW are very simple.  It has to be the book we read and enjoyed the most that week.  His pick had nothing to do with what Conor picked that week.  People always think there’s some plot.  He liked it the most.  And I know Ron well enough to know that he liked it enough that he probably didn’t see the same flaws you did, if any at all.  The issue made him happy.  If last week’s pick had been anything else, this would have been the same.

  35. Reed’s photographic memory is too out there for you?  That’s probably the least extraordinary thing about him.  Comic science has never made sense in any universe.  You’ll just have to roll with that.  It’s like having one plug for the whole internet or having a prison in another dimension.  To enjoy comics there are conceits you have to just accept.

     I thought the consensus, among fans at least, that Indy 4 blew.  In matters of taste, no one can be "right or wrong", can they?

    Batman disappearing is a cliffhanger, because we all know he’s coming back and everyone was looking for him in the latest issue.  I’m not wanting to get back into the DC vs. Marvel thing, but if you have questions about Ron’s bias then you should have your own pointed out.  Everybody is biased toward one universe or the other, no matter what they say, so it’s not really fair to call someone out on theirs.  He was actually just making a joke, I believe.  It’s not like he picked Young Avengers/Runaways: Secret Invasion or anything.  Then you really could scream bias.

  36. Whew….at least he didnt pick Astonishing X-Men right guys?

    I’m sure Ron will give us the tired ‘oh my stack was so huge, there was too much to choose from….and this was the best out of the stack’. Well sorry to Ron, sorry that you wrote a really good review and we still dont agree with it.

    It’s your opinion, no doubt about that….But I’m sorry I just cant agree with this pick again. Either it was Walking Dead #51 or Hellboy: The Crooked Man #2 for me. These two books had some really big stuff going down and had great art in it. It sounds like to me that this issue of SI was still on the Savage Land; had a reveal of all the 70’s characters being Skrulls *which was already revealed in New Avengers*, my last point then ruins the Mockinbird reveal *but still gives us a good Hawkeye moment*, and still no Cap or Thor in sight when the last issue teased at it.

    This issue just sounded medicore at medicore’s best. Nothing still really happenend and we have to wait next month for the payoff? I knew dropping the title was the best thing to do and wait for the eventual hardcover. Now Ron, I love ya, but dont get upset when the tie-in’s (again) do better storytelling then the actual book. Remember when these guys had Civil War: Frontlines as their pick and then the series went south?….I wonder how long it’ll take for that to happen with this book? 🙂

  37. @TheNextChampion

    But… you didn’t even read it.

  38. @horatio: That’s the point though, I didnt read the book….and yet I still know just as much as anyone else does.

    When I went into my comic store, I overheard a couple of guys spoil this issue while I was waiting in line. Why should I spend 4 bucks when it took less then a couple of seconds to hear the entire plot? Plus I could just read the other reviews and comments on this site and see what the opinion was for the book.

    Shame that after dropping the title, #6 might actually be a fun issue….Oh well, Bendis had 5 to sway me and he failed in every single issue.

  39. @ jimski –  I would like to think you are right, but "Many a truth is said in jest." (I have no idea who I am quoting, but I am sure I heard it somewhere important.)

    @josh – I have absolutely no problem with Ron liking this book or with him picking it if it really is his favorite.  However, I would like his review to address some of the outrageous flaws.  Present his case as to why we should be buying this.  I generally make a trip back to the shop to pick up the POW (assuming I didn’t pick it up the first time) because I trust you (all) to give me honest advice.  If I hadn’t picked up SI#5 and had gone back to buy it based on this pick I would be incredibly pissed.

    @ultimatehoratio – I do not try to hide my bias.  I stated in my first post that I read more DC U than Marvel U.  However, I have read a number of Marvel books recently that were outstanding.  The last two issues of Wolverine.  The first issue of SI.  The last (real) issue of astonishing X-men.  All damn good books.

    The problem with the opinions can’t be wrong statement is that it doesn’t necessarily apply here.  Often on the podcast the individual who is making the pick says, for example, SI#5 was THE BEST BOOK I READ THIS WEEK.  (Go back and listen to a few to see if I’m lying.)  Which is not exactly the same as saying it is the book I "enjoyed the most that week" (from Josh’s post).

    If Ron is saying this was the book he enjoyed the most then that is his opinion and I can’t fault him, but if he is saying this is THE BEST BOOK I READ THIS WEEK, then I certanly can fault him.  I read many of the books he read and I (and many other people) would say he is wrong.  It isn’t the best book he read.

    I am an economics professor so I teach Positive vs. Normative statements.  "I enjoyed SI#5 more than any other book I read this week." is a normative (opinion) statement.  It cannot be tested and either proven or disproven.  "SI#5 is the best book I read this week." is a positive statement.  It can be tested (that is what the rating system does for you) and can be either proven or disproven.

  40. This was the right pick of the week. I thought that SI: Inhumans was great, but its importance and appeal are more limited. Secret Invasion #5 is ambitious, far-reaching, …and successful. The roller coaster analogy is valid. Mr. Bendis, you got this train a-rolln’ now, Sir.

  41. stuclach: I have to say… if you want to talk about things that can be proven or disproven, I think you have empirically spent 200 more words talking about how wrong Ron was than Ron spent saying he liked the book in the first place. If somebody picks a book they thought was the best thing they read this week, you’re probably not going to see them addressing its many flaws, since if they picked it they probably don’t think it had that many. If the book does have "outrageous flaws" that you demand someone address, you might find your efforts more fruitful on the Bendis Board. If you see what I mean.

  42. @ stuclach

    Man, just shut up. Ron liked SI #5 the best. Deal with it! We all enjoy comics and Ron is just telling us which book he liked the most and why. If you disagree with his opinion, then just ignore his review. Calm down.  

  43. Try not to tell other people to shut up please.

  44. I am just spending a little time relaxing here while waiting for the fall semester to start.  Why is everyone suddenly angry that someone else wants to express their opinion?  I am sorry that I didn’t immediately post "wow Ron, I agree completely."  Is that what the comment section is for?  Why does this comment section exist if it isn’t for the expression of differing opinions?  I have not made any personal attacks.  I have not called anyone any names.  What did I do to make you (Jimski and eagle6002) ask me to go to another board/shut up?

    @ Jimski – In many past pick of the week reviews the authors have discussed shortcomings of the book and how they feel the book overcomes them.  Is that so much to ask?  Some of the flaws were addressed by other ifanboys in this comment section.  I thank them for informing me.  I am sure I have spent more than 200 words discussing this, but I have a lot of free time this week. 

    @eagle6002 – Thank you for asking me to shut up.  That was incredibly mature.  So, if I don’t agree with Ron’s opinion I just move along.  What is this comment section for if it isn’t for discussing the merits of the pick?

  45. My goal here was not to ruin a wonderful and wonderfully run website that I extract a great deal of enjoyment from.  If I am upsetting so many people with my post I will stop posting.  If anyone wants to direct any more comments toward me (derogatory or otherwise) please do so in the comment section of my review of SI#5 rather than taking up more space here.

    Ron, Josh, Jimski, eagle6002 and anyone else I may have offended/bothered: I apologize.  It was not my intent to upset you, I simply wanted to discuss/disagree with the pick.

  46. https://webspace.utexas.edu/warnerwt/picard-facepalm.jpg

    P.S. I’m sorry for telling you to shut up. That was both immature and uncalled for. I just don’t think there’s a reason to start an argument of such a small thing as POW.

  47. stulach, I asked him not to talk to you that way.  Let’s not take it any further please.

    Here’s the deal.  State your opinion.  State it loud, and freqently.  You certainly don’t have to agree.  Many don’t.  People get protective, they read into your tone, when perhaps there was nothing meant by it.  

    That said, the review is what the review is.  We tend to not pick books we have a lot of problems with.  I don’t like to write a POW review, and spend half of it saying what was wrong.  He probably doesn’t have the same opinion as you.  I don’t have the same opinion as you, and I’m way less forgiving of Marvel books than Ron will ever be.  Perhaps some of this will come up in the show this weekend. 

    And, for the love of god, no, not everyone has to agree with us.  What fun would that be.  We just have to have respectful differing opinions.  We’re doing our best here. 


  48. This kinda thing happens almost every week doesn’t it?  Not a big deal.  If people didn’t disagree and get into it a little bit, then everybody would be posting cricket noises and this site would be dead.  As long as there’s no name calling there’s no reason to get upset about differing opinions.  The best thing about this site is that there are no trolls.

    Except stuclach, of course.  😉

  49. I disagree with everything everyone has ever said.

  50. This is’nt a post ment to start a flame war, but I notice some people can’t take the thought that some readers don’t pray at the altar all things Marvel.  Is it so out of left field for someone not to like stuff that is coming out of the ‘House of Ideas’.  Does making a critique of a Marvel book ward banishment from the website.  If I hated someone who ever made fun of DC (which happens A LOT) I would have no friends.

    On the other side the POW is the reviewers opinion so there will be some bias.  If it’s not your pick go start your own site and blog about your POW. My pick would have been Action Comics but Ron did’nt pick it but I’m sure Conor will bring it up on the show and that’s fine with me.  

  51. @cromulent

    You know where you can go!

  52. @Kory – that is the thing.  One book is the pick, but it doesn’t mean we don’t talk about others. 

    Now me, I’m off to read the Walking Dead and see what all the fuss is about…

  53. For the record I’d like to state that my POW was Batman.

  54. I didn’t intend to come off as mean and crude in my criticism of stuclach. I was just somewhat angry at his statement that Ron was wrong in saying that this was his best book of the week. I mean, you can’t someone that he or she is wrong in his belief that something is good. I welcome criticism of the book in general, but not a statement that someone is wrong in his belief of which book is their favorite. Personally, I also don’t agree with Ron’s pick; I thought Batman R.I.P. and Captan Britain were phenomenal. However, I won’t say that Ron is wrong in his pick. It’s his opinion. Please don’t let this site become a constant flame war. 🙁 

  55. @ultimatehoratio- Do you get offended by every post I write?  I was’nt necessarily pointing that at you.  I was directing that towards the posts I see where people act like you called their mother a bad name when you dare critique a Marvel title.  As someone who has no real allegiance to a company (though admittedly I lean DC, by the way could the companies work out a trade between Batman and The Sentry, then I would call myself a Zombie!) I laugh at people who treat the company war so seriously.  There are far more pressing issues in the world to get worked up about and not who’s better Spider-Man or Superman.  Just lighten up people.

    @Josh- I’m not completely innocent.  I gave you hard time about picking Powers a few weeks back, though I was being sarcastic.

  56. @Kory,

    Horatio was commenting on cromulent’s perfectly cromulent post.

    It embiggened us all.

  57. @ josh,

    You guys need an FAQ page where the rules for the POW are explained in agonizing detail.  Seems this argument happens a lot.

  58. @CAM – We say it at the beginning of every show.

  59. @CAM- Check his second post.  I think he was offended that I said he was a Marvel fascist.

  60. @Kory

    I rarely get offended.  Once you’ve seen animal porn everything else is pretty harmless.  I didn’t even see your post until after I’d posted mine. 

    However, looking at CAM’s avatar, I’d have to say I’m really offended now.  Slapping sweet little Dick?

  61. That’s what she said.

  62. Did Batman really slap Robin in a comic.  That is harsh, no wonder he quit and became Nightwing.

  63. Didn’t he smack some dames too?  "Papa spank" and all that.  He probably blamed it all on "Zurr-en-arrh".

  64. Well his parent are dead…


    Heh heh

  65. I may have to find a new favorite hero.  I can’t worship a child beater and a misogynist

  66. Nice review Ron.  It was my pick of the week as well.  Reed Richards is free, the heroes are on the way to New York… It’s Skrull bashin time!

  67. Ron, good pick.  I enjoyed the heck out of it.  I loved the last page when Hawkeye (who has kind of had a bad year lately) was ready to kill some skrulls after pulling a complete mind-screw with Bobbi/Mockingbird.  My one questions is, where did they get the brainwaves to program a skrull to be her when she has been dead for quite a long time (even in comic world)?

  68. 1. Nicely done with the quick on the trigger "That’s what she said" post Josh.

    2. I love this site and it saddens me when people reduce themselves to name calling and vulgarity. It happened here  again and in the Kirkman article Conor had to lay down the law. We are all here for the same reason, our love of comics. Let’s respect each others opinions and have fun. Thats what it’s all about anyway right?

    3. Do you guys think Clint Barton will start kicking some ass as Hawkeye again in SI and finally get rid of that stupid Ronin getup. I think that would make Josh’s day.

  69. @SteveM

    Re: Clint’s bad year.

     It’s karma for wearing the Ronin costume.  The comic fashion gods are offended.

  70. @jforeman,

    Re: #3

    I don’t think they will, there’s already a new Hawkeye (and a hot one at that), and while it’s totally reasonable in the DCU to have more than one…Flash for example, it doesn’t seem to happen the same way in the Marvel U.  But I’m sure it would make Josh’s day.

  71. I’m gonna have to look up some recipes for crow considering I’ll be eating it in abundance. Having stated that this would not be POTW in my review of SI#5, you can imagine how shocked I was to see it had been deemed so when I logged on.

    This pick makes sense for a Marvel fan; it’s what we’ve been waiting for since this thing started. And can I just say it’s hard to believe so many people who claim to be credible literary fans can have almost no patience for story development? What I mean by that is: I never expected anything less from this book and it’s no suprise to me that it should finally be good.

    I think it’s that relief which justifies this as Ron’s pick, the relief he gained seeing this story erupt on a major level. We’re tired of watching DC have all the fun. Secret Invasion has arrived!

    The funny thing about this review is how similiar it seemed to mine. The downhill analogy has permeated both and that’s why I couldn’t choose this as my POTW – IT HAS TO GET BETTER THAN THIS. It’s my hope that the next issue will blow this one’s doors off. I expect the Thor and Cap cameos to take place, The Hood’s villainous crew to represent and.. to find out what the hell happened to Carol.

    Not having finished my books yet my early front-runner is Batman considering Morrison has finally righted the ship. There are still five books to read in my stack which includes some heavy-hitters: FC-Revelations, SI-Thor and Captain Britain. Just grateful I don’t have to rush judgement on my pick, such is the hardship of the IFanboy elite.     


  72. Didn’t see this coming. Ignore the naysayers, I’m looking forward to the discussion.

  73. @CAM

     Good point, Marvel isn’t big on that. I can always hope that Bendis will pull something out of his hat for her so that Clint can pick up the mantle of Hawkeye again. It’s a wrong that needs to be righted. 

  74. I haven’t picked up my books yet, but I’m really looking forward to SI. I know I’m part of the minority, but I’ve been loving it and the Avengers Tie In issues. Were any of the other Secret Invasion Tie Ins worth picking up this week?

  75. Nevermind. I just saw Coltrane68’s post. Also, I guess I’m not in the minority.

  76. Fantastic write-up dude. props.

  77. @Horatio:

    Dude, I love the Ronin costume–not on Clint, who needs to return to the purple–but he costume is awesome.  Best ninja costume since Snake Eyes!

  78. @SteveM

    Ya know, I agree.  It’s pretty cool, but not on Hawkeye.  And not on Echo either.

  79. On ign.com they had the best headline for this issue:

    ‘The longest first issue in history’

    That is definitely my feelings for this book. Okay, maybe not in one issue; but all of this plot could’ve been added in just two books. There is just so little story in this main book, that it angers me that we need to pick of tie-in’s in order to get the full story.

    I’m not judging the pick anymore, it’s Ron and Ron’s choice. I just feel that overall, the series has just been a big pile of Michael Bay machoness. (is that even a word?) The excuse of getting it in trade is weak as well cause….WE NEED TO BUY A CRAP LOAD OF TRADES IN ORDER TO GET THE FULL STORY!!!!!!!

  80. I did something this week i thought i wouldn’t do ever again(SI#1). Secret Invasion was my pick of the week. I looked at my books this week for 15mins trying to figure which one i enjoyed more which this week was a hard decision(Batman RIP was good, GL Corps was good, Captain Britain was good, the list goes on)but i ended up with SI#5 for all the reasons Ron did. Stay out of my mind iFanboy! Stay Out!!!!!

  81. @stuchlach, reviews are subjective. no one has to point out flaws if they dont feel they were significant enough to point out. also, some flaws are viewed by others as positives, its kind of the nature of opinions. do you need a hug or something?

  82. For the record, my POTW was Darwyn Cooke’s "The Spirit" #6.

    Actually, I’m a little behind on my reading… 

  83. Also, can I just say that it’s flat out silly to get all discombobulated when somebody praises a comic book that you don’t like?  Look, I love me some Secret Invasion, and I stopped reading Final Crisis because issue 1 just didn’t do it for me and I’m trying to tighten the old belt straps (I think that means I’m trying to save money).  But I don’t get mad that many, many people love FC; I’m likely to pick up the trade if the buzz stays consistently strong.  So it puzzles me that so many people have such a hate on for SI.  You don’t like it, that’s cool, don’t buy it.  It’s just a comic.  Nobody hit your mother in the face or anything.  Agree, disagree, banter, don’t banter, whatever.  Do we really need the disparaging remark about fans of the "other company"?  Why take such deep personal umbrage because you don’t like a comic book?  The POTW rules are simple: one of the guys pick their favorite book from that week.  This was Ron’s favorite book of the week.  That’s cool, brother.  Right on.  Right on.

  84. I agree with Ron’s choice, SI #5 was also my pick of the week but mostly because nothing else really came out of my pile while this story actually moved at a good pace in this issue for the first time all series.

    I really only have two qualms so far with SI, 1) I don’t think a mini-series/event book needs to be more than 6 issues, sometimes 7 is okay and 8 really seems a lot especially with this series.

    2)Has there been a single hero that has escaped from the Skrull Empire that isn’t a skrull? I was disappointed with everyone on the ship being revealed as skrulls. And I can’t help but feel a bit disturbed that because the heroes are revealed as Skrulls now they need to be defeated/killed? (Of course I’m just reading the main book and maybe the surrounding minis explain things better)

  85. RaceMcCloud "Nobody hit your mother in the face or anything"

    Now that’s funny

  86. @RaceMcCloud- What I don’t like is that if you dare make a negative comment about a book that Marvel puts out that some people feel compelled to tell you to go to another site.  That’s ridiculous and uncalled for.

  87. @TheNextChampion

    There hasn’t been a big event from one of the Big Two in forever that hasn’t required a "crapload of trades" to fully appreciate the story.

  88. I think this issue was great up until the last 3rd in the savage land.  Having the 70’s heroes coming out of the spaceship in issue #1 was a bad move, spending the next 5 months wrapping it up was an even worse move, especially when it was obvious they were all imposters from the beginning.  All the other plot-points are interesting though, I wish Bendis would spend all his time developing those.  I guess I liked this issue, but this series is a pretty big letdown

  89. @cutty

    I don’t even know what the point of all that was.  To show that the Skrulls had tried this before but we’re just now finding out about it?  Or to set up a reveal that one of the heroes we’ve been following since the 70s has been a Skrull all along?

  90. @horatio: Well it’s more annoying this time cause New and Mighty Avengers are a MUST READ in order to get the full story. I’m not talking about getting the Ghost Rider trades or Punisher: War Journal….Those issues can just forget themselves. But I have a good feeling both New and Mighty trades will be seperate for their SI tie-ins, so it’s gonna cost even more money to get the ‘prologue’ part of this story.

    Unless your clamoring for the Ghost Rider tie in…..Oh and I feel the same way with you and cutty on That 70’s Skrulls. Waste of time, really no purpose to have them other then letting the Avengers stay on that island for 5 months!!! The only good thing about them was a nice Wonder-Man/Beast story, and a kick ass moment with Hawkeye in #5…Not enough stuff for me to warrent that this was a good plot point.

  91. Well, I wouldn’t say that they are a must read to appreciate Secret Invasion, but it is annoying that New Avengers or Mighty Avengers can’t stand alone.  If you read one of the Avengers books, then you must read both the other Avengers book AND Secret Invasion to get anything out of it.

  92. When I read my friend’s copy, I kind of laughed at how, by the time Reed reaches the Savage Land after being caught, he’s already rigged a way to expose the Skrulls… in a ray-gun, no less!  Way to reinforce the mad scientist stereotypes, doctor!  Heh.

  93. The thing with the skrull exposing ray gun really isn’t as huge a problem as everyone is pointing out.  Didn’t Reed say he figured out how to expose them in issue 1 right before Pym-skrull downed him?  So its not like he just whipped it up outta nowhwere.  He already knew how, he just needed to execute the plan.  (As far as I remember.)

  94. @Kory – You still don’t get it.  Attacking the book is fine.  Saying you disagree with the pick and here’s why if fine.  Atacking the reviewer and their integrity is not fine, which is what happened with you and TheNextChampion with Josh and POWERS and stuclach this week with Ron.  If you don’t understand those distinctions I don’t know how else to help you.

  95. @Conor- Aparrently I’m pissing off everyone today.  And I never attacked Josh for picking POWERS,  I was just playing around with you guys, as you seem to enjoy picking trendy books.  Is that such a bad offense?  I guess my comments were misconstrued.  I may stop visiting this site because it’s obvious I don’t ‘get it’.

  96. @Kory – We pick good books, we pick the best book we read of the week. I have no idea what a trendy book even is. 

  97. @Conor-By trendy I meant anything that is’nt a traditional superhero title like Batman or Superman, that was’nt meant to be disparaging. 

    I was going for humor with that post on the Powers thread and it backfired on me.  I’ve never posted on message boards before posting on this website and I have had to learn that when I’m trying to be humorous it does’nt translate.  But hey, lesson learned.

  98. @Kory – Don’t worry about it, I hold no ill will.  It’s fine.

  99. SI#5 was fine, it finally got off the ground. But my POW was Golly!. It would have been Mercy Sparx, but that was a #0 and I’ll wait ’til I see the first real issue.

  100. @Anson17– Right, but it’s more the ray gun for me than anything.  Of all the machines to use to expose them, it has to be a giant ray gun.  That’s just so mad scientist-y, I find it funny.  And, to be fair, he had just discovered how the Skrulls were masquerading themselves when he got shot so to design and rig something up by the time Brand came to.  Granted, it’s doable for a guy like Reed, but in comparison to how slow everything’s been going, the speed at which he turns the tide was kind of funny to see.

  101. I have to agree. This was my POW.  After this, it was Captain Britain and then Final Crisis: Revelations.

  102. I just read Golly! #1.  Wow.  that is a fun book.  This may be a sleeper Indie hit.  


    the Tiki 

  103. I asked that if you felt you needed to continue to post derogatory comments (such as: do you need a hug or something?, hit your mother in the face, troll, etc) that you do it in my review of SI#5 to avoid wasting time/space here.  I had no intention of either posting here again or even looking at the comments, but my wife informed me that some of you continued to disparage/discuss my posts.  I suggested this site to my wife because she is a Fables reader and she wanted a friendly place to discuss it.  I obviously regret making the suggestion as she has informed me that she will never be returning to the site.

    I also regularly suggest the site/podcasts to my students in class (I often use the industry as example due to its monopolistic distribution system) and to friends and family.  I will obviously have to reconsider that.

    @conor – It was not my intention to "Attack the reviewer and their integrity" with my initial post.  I will admit that I was questioning his motivations for the pick.  If Ron or anyone else felt that was an attack or that I was questioning his integrity, then I apologize.  In the future, I will be more careful to focus my comments on the book.

  104. Now, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who called this, but I remember the conversations, months ago, when people were trying to figure out "who on the ship is a Skrull": 


    I called gloating rights in my review at the time, and I’ll like to call in that marker.  Lots of people had to know this was the play, so seeing this coming months ago doesn’t make me special, just bored.  Batman: RIPWTFBBQ might be a trip to Crazytown, but at least it’s not this predictable.  It’s also my POW, since Crazytown is clearly a suburb of Awesometown.  I’m glad it was a good read, but this conversation only makes me more relieved that I dropped just about all my Marvel titles when this lameness started.

  105. @stuchlach

    I’ve read your reviews and I think you have a lot to offer the site.  If you choose not to return that’s your business, but I really think you’re overreacting.  I hope you reconsider.

    Look, when things are typed instead of spoken sometimes the tone is misunderstood and bickering results.  I can’t think of a messageboard on the internet where this doesn’t sometimes happen.  In other places, it’s usually a lot worse.  This community and the iFanboys should be commended for being a part of and maintaining one of the classiest comic book discussion sites on the net.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to hang out on a site where sometimes some feathers didn’t get ruffled.  That would mean that no one was saying anything interesting.  Sometimes you have to stop being polite… and stop being real.

  106. Damn it I screwed up the quote.  "Sometimes you have to stop being polite…and start being real."

    @Quinn  I don’t think who was a Skrull in the Savage Land is supposed to be a big mystery.  Actually, I think Bendis is setting us up for something else.  That ship of 70s Marvel Heroes was probably not the Skrulls only ship, which means that any of the heroes who didn’t have a Skrull doppelganger on that ship could  be a Skrull now and might have been since the 70s.  With the ship, Bendis was hinting at who was NOT a Skrull.  Look at the ship and ask yourself, "what important character is NOT on that ship."

  107. @ultimatehoratio   Do I hear a theory?

  108. Hmm, I don’t have SI 1 in front of me and I have no idea where it is!  I’ll have to get that image from issue 1 and give it a look.

    Jessica Jones Skrull and Luke Cage Skrull were there, so that means that the baby isn’t a Skrull, right?

  109. @ultimatehoratio/stuclach-  Damn right typed reactions can be misunderstood.  Go read the last half of the Kirkman board to get a good example.

  110. @ohcaroline

    What has the Wasp been doing during all this?  Hmm…  And Namor too.  I haven’t been reading everything so just wondering. 

  111. I just want to say, if you don’t like Secret Invasion, it is okay with me.  But the reason I am loving it–and by IT, I mean the New/Mighty Avengers tie-ins and the regular book is that this is not just an eight part mini.  this thing has been going since disassembled.  I certainly didn’t see it until Elektra was revealed as a skrull (and then I still had to be told what all was coming).  Now, I have gone back and read most of the NA and Bendis must have dropped the phrases "Alien Invasion" or "Skrull Invasion" in every other book, and there are other very subtle hints, as well.  I don’t feel cheated at all to be buying 3 books to tell the whole story.  I have an entire file box full of this story.  I want this whole thing fully filled out.  I want every backstory told.  This is like book 7 in the Harry Potter series for Bendis, or Return of the King.  I can see why some folks would be upset with this, especially if you didn’t read NA from issue #1.  But I am really loving Bendis’ writing on this and the way it is all coming together.  If you aren’t, that is cool.

    Stucky–want to send a big hug down to you and the wife.  Besides, Ron is totally taking payola from Marvel. Put it this way, the X-Men and Ron move to San Francisco in the same year?  Conicidence, I think not!  

    Totally kidding on that last one:)

  112. @SteveM- I totally plan on reading the trades for this.  I’m not reading this because I can’t afford both events, and for some reason Final Crisis grabbed me and it has’nt let go.

  113. @ultimatehoratio    Hmm, I feel like Jan’s a bit weak to be saved for a late.  And I don’t feel like Namor has been important enough lately.  But it’s a good question of who’s left —

  114. See, if Jan’s been a Skrull since the 70s–and let’s face it, who would have noticed–then Pym really didn’t abuse her and he can finally move past that wife-beater label, because as we all know it’s okay to hit a Skrull.

  115. @ultimatehoratio  The sad thing is that, if Jan’s been a skrull since the 70s, then Skrull-Jan is infinitely more likable than the real thing.

  116. Yeah, I’ve liked her in Mighty Avengers.  I really don’t think Bendis would make two lead female characters Skrulls, but there has to be a mole in the Mighty Avengers too, right?

  117. Well I’ve tried to learn from that Powers fiasco conor. Sure I still dont agree with the pick, but I’ve tried to at least not attack you guys for going for your decision. I still think SI was a bland issue, but hey if Ron thought it was the best thing he ever read…..this week….then who am I to judge on opinion?

    The biggest problem with the book is pacing. There is just so much action and urgency in the series…but little has happenend in the damn thing. Someone pointed out that Maria Hill has basically stood in the exact same spot for 3 issues now; and that Captain Marvel is still at the Thunderbolts Mountain for all 5 issues. Plus for a ‘world wide invasion’ they sure are only showing New York for this main title. You cant even have a cut away to Wakanda, England, or anywhere else for a panel or two in the main book? Seems kinda lame storytelling, even for Bendis.

  118. @ultimatehoratio  I’ve just been reading volume 1 Avengers where she keeps complaining that they have to fight bad guys when she wants to do her hair or go shopping.  If *that’s* real Jan, I want the Skrull.  (And no need to say all 60s comics women were like that, b/c I love Jean and Sue and Wanda from that era.  It’s just Jan who is crazy-making).

  119. Jan may have been at the Skrull Eastgate Mall all these year buying stolen Kree purses all these years while the Skrull has been here being a well-developed character and whatnot.

  120. The Punisher #60 was my POW.

    It was so far above everything else I read, it wasn’t even close.

  121. Good pick, Ron.

    I hope you guys talk about Secret Invasion: Thor this week. It knocked my socks off. But then, all Fraction had to do was put Beta Ray Bill in it. 

  122. FINALLY a SECRET INVASION POW!!! I’ve loved this event ever since I read that is was going to happen. I’ve only been seriously reading comics for 3 years, and Secret Invasion had me more pumped with anticipation than any crossover event I’ve come across. I, unlike the masses, have enjoyed every issue immensely and would have been happy even if the heroes stayed on the island longer. Really, I would of liked to see this be a 12 issue crossover event instead of an 8 issue one. We all know that Bendis can keep continuity rolling magically for well over that length and it would’ve been rad to see an event as huge as this last a year rather than 8 months.

     Boo to the naysayers. I knew I could count on Ron to finally pick an issue of Secret as POW.

  123. @ohcaroline– Yeah, I remeber reading issue 4 where Cap returned and the Avengers go to Atlantis to face Namor in this big battle over him trying to assassinate them and, after all the chaos and mayhem is over, Jan finally shows after being completely absent during the whole battle and Giant Man asks "Where were you?!" and I believe Jan just goes, "I was fixing my hair!" and then I laughed and laughed.  Aw, Silver Age Jan, you were truly a disgrace.

  124. Ummm.. I was gonna come on here and make a joke like "Hey Ron, did you read a different Secret Invasion #5 than I did?" but this may not be the right time…I’ll try the next POW and see if things have calmed down a bit, back to the Kirkman comments section for now!

  125. Best post in this thread is by Cromulent.

  126. @Tork  Because I just read it, I can tell you she actually said ‘I was powdering my nose.’

    I put the book down for a sec to have a fantasy about Jean Grey showing up to punch her in the face.  (Jean, it needs to be said, did every bit of the same work that the boy X-men did, plus she designed/ sewed the costumes and made dinner when the cook was on vacation.  Stupid Jan.)

  127. @ohcaroline  Don’t be so hard on her.  ‘Powdering my nose’ was just code for ‘taking a BFD.’  You gotta go when you gotta go.

  128. @ultimatehoratio  Admittedly, it could take a long time in those costumes. 

  129. Ah, yes. It’s been some time since I read it.  The example remains: Jan was an idiot.

  130. @ohcaroline   I bet she poops at Wasp-size then goes back to normal size and laughs and laughs at the tiny little pile.  There’s no way that would ever get old.  Saves lots of money on TP too.

  131. @ultimatehoratio  This may now be officially grosser than the Kitty Pryde pregnancy conversation.

    Not that that’s a bad thing.

    @Tork  Yeah, she was.  So I prefer to think she experienced some personal growth, rather than having been replaced by a shapeshifting alien. 

  132. Yeah… that’s kind of why I was so annoyed that Dugan was a Skrull.  All that character development in Iron Man: Director of SHIELD wasted.

  133. @Tork  True, the alternative is that they couldn’t possibly have revealed any character who exhibited the slightest bit of personality over the past five years to be a Skrull. 

  134. I know but I liked how Dugan went from being incredibly frustrated with Stark’s policies to realizing the merits of them and becoming devoted to Tony’s leadership.  So when they pulled that rug, I was disappointed.  Plus, you have issue 20 where Dugan has the opportunity to destroy pretty much every hero involved in World War Hulk under the pretense of dstopping Hulk and didn’t do it, thus making him a very crappy double agent.

  135. @horatio: I know a new question to ask the ifanboys to replace the ‘does a shapeshifter have the naughty bits?’ 🙂 lmao

    @Tork: That is bothering me a bit too….Considering this invasion has been happenening since Avengers: Disassembled, why havent the Skrulls capitalized at the most important moments? House of M? Could totally take over after the aftermath. Civil War? All the heroes fighting, would totally not see it coming. WWH? Again no one would see the invasion coming. All these Skrulls certainly could’ve had their time to shine for over 8 years now!

  136. I kind of hope that Morrison’s Batman is a Skrull.

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