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June 2, 2005 – Y: The Last Man #34

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Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Goran Sud┼żuka
Inks by Jose Marzan, Jr.
Colors by Zylonol
Letters by Clem Robins

Published by DC Comics/Vertigo | $2.99

Oh boy, looks like I’ve got to think of something new to write for this book. What can I say that you haven’t heard before? No, I can’t think of anything else either. I’m spent on this book. I could complain that they’ve switched both cover and interior artist on this. But the thing is, the interior artist is almost imperceptibly different and there’s probably a very good reason why they switched cover artists. Plus, you could probably slap a paper bag cover on this one with crayon etchings of anything you choose, and the same number of people would buy the monthly issues either way. Besides, I figure there’s probably a fine explanation why these artists changed. I’m positive it wasn’t an editorial decision that they weren’t working out, but probably something practical and unavoidable, so who am I to complain? I’m not ignorant uncaring fanboy, I can tell you that.

So what am I left to talk about? The plot is continuing to cut its incredible swath through these characters lives, and there were some clever turns of dialog. Some jokes appeared, and some nice sexual tension. As Conor remarked, and doubtless others as well, this would make a great HBO series. I’m seeing Nick Stahl as Yorick?

So here’s the deal. This was the only book I had come out this week. Last week was a big week for me. Lots of books, but Star Wars wrenched the schedule, so that’s where we’re left. And where do we go from here?

I clearly need to be reading more books, so I’m going to ask for the help of you, my good readers. I need to know good monthly books that I don’t currently read. They have to be books I don’t already read, and books I can pick up right away, without having to go back into the vaults to get the first 30 issues, and I don’t want something I can read in trades. I’m looking for current ongoing series. As far as my personal tastes go, I’m not so much into superhero books that go back 40 years, but I’m not against a superhero book, but it better be pretty damn good. These have to be great books. I don’t want to start reading a mediocre book, or even a pretty good book. I want to read a great comic book. I already read most books by Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Brian K. Vaughan, and Greg Rucka. What do you have for me? I would appreciate any help.

Josh Flanagan


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  1. Nick Stahl as Yorick. That’s really good.

  2. And I am decidely not good at the casting game, so I’m proud of that one as well.

    So no one’s got any books for me to read?

  3. When did Pia stop drawing this?

  4. 2-3 issues ago, but the thing is, I didn’t even notice, because the styles are so similar. Do you remember a mini-series about 4 years ago, called Outlaw Nation? Looked like preacher ripoff? Same artist. Both Sudzuka and Guerra draw like Steve Dillon, so it’s hard to complain too much. I’m not sure if it’s permanent either.

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