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May 19, 2004 – Robin #126

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Story by Bill Willingham
Art by Damion Scott
Colors by Guy Major
Letters by Phil Balsman
Published by DC Comics | $2.25

Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and… Stephanie Brown?

In the last few issues of Robin, Tim Drake’s father accidentally found out that his son was Robin the Boy Wonder, confronted Tim, Bruce, and Alfred about it, and barred his son from associating with Bruce anymore.

This issue finds Tim Drake making the difficult adjustment to civilian life (watching the news sucks for a former crime fighter). Apparently, his adjustment also includes allowing himself to be kissed by the local mafioso’s daughter in front of his high school, which in and of itself isn’t such a bad proposition, except that his girlfriend Stephanie a.k.a The Spoiler happened to see it. So what’s a girl to do? Stephanie makes herself a Robin costume and goes to the Batcave to offer up her services to Batman as his newest partner.

(I’ve gotta say, I’ve pissed off a girlfriend or three in my time, but none of them have tried to take my job in retribution. That’s cold.)

Surprisingly, Batman accepts her offer and the fourth Robin is born.

Is this all a ploy to get Tim to spurn his dad and come back into the Batfold? Probably. Will Stephanie bite the bullet in the upcoming mega Batcrossover as the solicitation copy hints at? I hope not, I like her character and I think it would be pushing the boundaries to suggest that Batman would survive the loss of another Robin, even if she is just a temp.

Robin #126 is the first issue featuring Damion Scott on art duties. Scott might be familiar to most as the former artist for Batgirl. He brings a great energy and dynamism to the pages. And as an added bonus, his teenagers really look a lot like teenagers.

I have really warmed up to Bill Willingham after a somewhat uneven debut. I hope that the team of Willingham and Scott stick around for quite a while, I haven’t read such a fun comic book in quite a while.

Conor Kilpatrick
Stephanie needed a Jump to Conclusions Mat.

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  1. “I think it would be pushing the boundries to suggest that Batman would survive the loss of another Robin, even if she is just a temp.”

    These are the words of someone who knows the character well. Let’s see if the editors heed this wisdom as well. I agree that, were Bruce to lose one more, he’d f’n lose it, and not in a way one would recover from.

  2. well she DOESNT have to die…she could just winged and then quit

  3. Maybe. But that’s not the sense I got from reading the solicits and an interview with Bill Willingham at The Pulse:


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