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May 4, 2005 – Y: The Last Man #33

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Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Goran Sudžuka
Colors by Jose Marzan, Jr.
Letters by Clem Robins

Published by DC Comics/Vertigo | $2.99

Time for honestly. This was the only book I bought or read this week. I’m sure there are loads of you out there who think I’m missing out, and I probably am, but you try getting planning a wedding, having a full time job, and concentrating on your dwarf paladin, and see where you lose ground!

I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.

Anyway, there is no shame in buying one book when that book is Y: The Last Man. I might be my favorite title month after month. The cliffhanger issue by issue really makes it worth it to get this in single issue form, but I’m sure it’s just as good in trades. I know I’m always left wanting more.

If the cover isn’t spoiler-tastic enough for you, some heavy stuff went down last issue, and it looks like it’s going to continue for the foreseeable future. Basically, tensions are running high, and everyone seems to be a little on edge because, and let’s face it, folks need to get it on! And when there are no men around, the ladies will take matters into their own hands. Luckily these adventures are pencilled by artists who draw most people as attractive, as opposed to the average person in real life. And all this hot botheration is taking place amidst a heavy situation where someone is lying and neither option looks good for Yorick, 355, or Dr. Mann. And just when you get to the end of the issue, and things are all hyped up and crazy, it’s the last page. The worst thing is, he does this to me every month, and it kills me every time. That the most you can hope for with fiction.

I hadn’t even noticed they switched artists until I wrote this up. Goran Sudžuka, whom you may remember from Outlaw Nation, a Vertigo book about 4-5 years back, takes over for Pia Guerra. I’m not sure, or for how long, but he’s pretty close in style, and it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference when reading the story. Still, I’d like Pia to come back, and I hope she’s just taking a break. I’m always impressed when an artist can maintain consistency with a character’s face, when that character doesn’t even really exist. That’s some impressive art, especially when you take into consideration the particular style of this line work, which is fairly simple. Again, the only complaint I have is that it went by too fast.

Josh Flanagan
I’m putting Y right alongside death and taxes.

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