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March 9, 2008 – Blue Monday: Painted Moon #4

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Story & Art by Chynna Clugston-Major
Letters by Hope Larson

Published by Oni Press | $2.99

Will it really come?”*

I had completely forgotten about this miniseries. I suppose I should probably not be picking it because Lord knows how late it is. I mean, I completely forgot it existed! But no, because I had forgotten about it, it became one of those little comic book store surprises. You see, this is the only pro of late books: you forget they exist and then you’re pleasantly surprised when they finally get shipped. Or, you forget about them and don’t even buy them when they come out. It can go either way, really. Luckily my store holds anything Chynna does for me.

It’s probably no surprise that I love this book. Ever since the first issue I read, something about it resonated. While I’m not usually into the anime look, its more than just Chynna’s interpretation of that style in her art. Where the real resonance comes from is the story.

I’ve read quite a few teenage drama type indie comics over the past 10 years and while I’m a sucker for the teenage romance stories, very few have been as engaging and honest as the stories in Blue Monday. Plus it helps that Chynna’s characters have the same taste in music as I do and probably remind me of my days in high school.

Admittedly it was a light week this week in terms of books, but I think that regardless of what else came out, no book really makes me feel like I do when joyfully reading about these teens and their relationships, all to the soundtrack of the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode and of course, the one and only Morrissey.

“Tell me that you love me!
Ah, I know you don’t mean it”*


Ron Richards
Ooh, my shiftless body

*Song Quotes from “Tomorrow” by Morrissey

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  1. GOTHAM CENTRAL kicked the ass of all comers this week. Gotham cops go to Keystone City – it was like the Law & Order/Homicide crossovers of old.

  2. I really enjoyed me some Action Comics this week. I am a sucker for the time travel stories though.

  3. BTW, I don’t know what week this was, but I just read the last Sleeper and it kicked my ass. it was so good. Is anyone else reading this?

  4. Only in trades, baby!

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