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February 25, 2005 – Seven Soldiers #0

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Story by Grant Morrison
Art by J.H. Williams III
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Todd Klein

Published by DC Comics | $2.95

First, some predictions.

Prediction #1: Ron didn’t like this book and thinks that it is further evidence that Grant Morrison is overrated.
Prediction #2: Josh didn’t even buy it.
Prediction #3: I am going to be really tired at work tomorrow.

I am prepared to go out on a limb and state that two of these predictions are definitely true. I’ll leave it up to you, the faithful iFanboy reader to ponder over which two.

What doesn’t need any pondering is the fact that I really enjoyed this book. I’m a sucker for Grant Morrison’s madcap superhero tales, much more so than his work in the non-costumed realm (I didn’t see the big deal about Kill Your Boyfriend and The Filth bored me to tears so much that I dropped it, which I try never to do with mini-series). When I first heard about the concept for this project I was skeptically excited: Thirty books spanning seven four-issue mini-series and two bookends telling an overall story which at the same time are all stand alone tales within each book seemed too ambitious too be anything other than a great big fiery failure in anyone else’s hands.

In this issue, seven grade Z superheroes team up to kill a giant spider in the small southwestern town of Pepper Gulch. They’re grade Z superheroes, were you expecting The Joker?

These grade Z hereoes are fun to read — they drink and smoke and get naked with each other and are generally miserable people looking for a little piece of glory. Hey, we can’t all be Superman, most of us are Dyno-Mite Dan, if we’re lucky.

As for the overall plot? Well, something called The Harrowing is happening and the outcome seems to hinge on there being a grouping of seven heroes (or soldiers). I’m not really clear on the particulars yet, which is typical Morrison, but this is the first of 30 issues, so I’m not sweating the murkiness yet.

Conor Kilpatrick
At this point, Dyno-Mite Dan would be a step up.

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  1. #2 is true. But in my defense…Morrison hasn’t impressed me since Marvel Boy. I tried a new book he came out with a couple weeks ago, about an Indian guy in London and some weird mystic underground stuff. (Best explanation I can come up with). I didn’t like it. In fact, I found it rather bland for Morrison.

    Before that, I read some of Seaguy, and it was really annoyingly odd for no reason. I read the whole Filth, but I can’t say I enjoyed it.

    But, no, I’m not doing this book either. If over time, it turns out to be good, I’ll go with a trade.

  2. I am in the same boat as prediction #1. I didn’t read it (and sold out of it as a matter of fact)and i probably won’t cause i too think that Morrison is overrated. No surprise that this book was confusing. Nearly everything he does confuses me.

  3. i think i’ll pick it up. i hadn’t heard anything about this title, but i’m a sucker for trying new things.
    plus i like the Z type superheros. justice league antartica, LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE HEROES they usually make for a fun read.
    i’ll wait till you review more of the series maybe, and pick up the trades…

  4. Well, as prediction #2 was correct and prediction #3 was certainly correct… all we have to do is wait for Ron to get back from Rio to find out if I hit the trifecta.

  5. I really liked this issue, but I am a bit weary because I also had THE FILTH #1 as my Pick of the Week at one time long ago.

  6. You guys really need to read WE3. It’s very different for Morrison, and it’s only three issues (the last of which I still have to pick up).

    And I really liked The Filth, as incomprehensible as it became.

    Animal Man is Morrison’s best work. It’s completely coherent, self-contained, groundbreaking, and jaw-droppingly brilliant. The last couple issues in particular had me running around yelling, “Look at this!” to anyone who would listen. A Morrison series that ends well…believe it or not.

  7. I didn’t read it yet cause I’m in RIO!

    i have yet to see a single comic book store, much less any comics down here.

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