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Pick of the Week #98 – The New Avengers #34

Show Notes

Now with all the original members! With Josh back from his overseas adventures, it’s clear he’s a bit rusty. But it’s still his Pick, so onward we forge. And the show opening has never been sung before. Actually, this may not be either. Thank you, California Kevin.

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Running Time: 01:02:53

Pick of the Week:
00.02.31 – There were a ton of books to catch up on, but for the Josh, the only real choice for Pick of the Week was The New Avengers #34.

00:13:26 – The JLA: Wedding Special #1 has Conor under its spell.
00:20:20 – Josh continues to like Nova #6 despite himself.
00:22:30 – Ron loves DMZ #23. Conor and Josh read it in trade, so he treads lightly.
00:24:49 – We’ve got Green Lanterns in almost every book this week. It’s nearly too much, with Green Lantern #23.
00:28:57 – The Trials of Shazam is great… when it comes out. The 8th issue is no exception.
00:31:04 – There’s a bit of a split decision on Daredevil #100. But they all dug the art.
00:36:10 – One of the books Ron missed this week was Justice Society of America #9. But Conor and Josh didn’t.
00:38:40 – Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm #1 is in the running for worst title ever. But Conor and Ron thought it was a lot of fun regardless.
00:41:15 – Josh was not so in love with Countdown this week. Per usual, there is a disagreement.
00:42:43 – Josh and Conor didn’t get Drafted #1, but Ron passed the physical.

00:45:10 – Vichus S. from New York, NY wants people to know that this is not a lending library.
00:48:00 – Brandon M. has a simple request: explain the multiverses!
00:50:23 – Andy L. from Boston, MA makes some observations about the Big Two.

00:53:13 – Kevin from Brooklyn, NY wants to know if the Hulk is really that powerful.

00:55:52 – The 100th episode is coming up and you can come watch it recorded live! Find out the details.
00:56:56 – Come see iFanboy live on stage! We’ll be appearing on The Comic Book Club!

“Seven Deadly Sins”
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