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Word Balloon Podcast – Rob Liefeld Part 1 & The Rucka Debrief Part 2

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin our two part conversation with artist and Image Comics Co-Founder Rob Liefeld. In part 1 Rob talks about what it’s like working as a free lance artist at Comics Big 2 publishers Marvel and DC. He just finished an eight year stint at Marvel which included such projects as Onslaught RebornDeadpool Corps, and many covers. Currently Rob is drawing Hawk and Dove for DC Comics. Rob compares the current strategies of the two companies as he sees them , including what’s happening for both at the film and toy levels, which he sees as key indicators on where their publishing is currently focused.

Then Greg Rucka is back for part 2 of The Rucka Debrief, answering fans questions about the current status of fan favorite projects like Queen And Country and Stumptown from Oni Press, along with reflecting observations on “52”, the weekly DC event of 2006. Looking back, how would Greg describe the collaborative work with writers Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns, artist Keith Giffen, and editors Steve Wacker and Michael Siglain?

As always, we’ve got lots of candid conversation in this episode of Word Balloon.


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  1. Ya know, there’s no two ways about it, I absolutely despise Rob Liefeld’s art but he’s a really terrific interviewee who is both infectiously enthusiastic about comic books and has some seriously interesting thoughts about the industry in which he works. Plus he seems like a really nice guy too.

    Thanks for this John. Looking forward to listening to the Rucka part soon.

  2. You’ve had some really great WB episodes rolling through here recently, John.

    Liefeld is a great interview. He is still really stuck on his 90’s successes (who wouldn’t be?), but definitely still a good listen.

    Had to get the man off my twitter feed though. The artist from Hawk and Dove (who he is to me, not to himself) commenting on the quality of other comic books in a negative way is just goofy. He should worry more about making his own books good, and spend less time trying to tear down creators that have more going for them.

    • To be perfectly honest, I do think he tries with his own books. I honestly don’t think he phones it in, I just don’t think he’s a particularly good artist – and I would know, I can’t draw to save my life!

  3. Interesting to hear that there isn’t any bad blood between Rucka and DC (at least on his side). So much for that rumour.

  4. John, excellent episode this week. Really really great

  5. Thanks guys. We’re on a roll

  6. Word Balloon is one of the best comic-related podcasts out there. Thanks for this show, John.

  7. Great episode!

    I haven’t been a fan of Rob Liefeld’s work in a very long time, but this interview really raised my opinion of him, seems like a good dude.

    And the concept of Rucka doing Captain America or Nick Fury? When Brubaker is done with Cap, I cant think of a better torch bearer than Rucka. And if Marvel isn’t pinging Rucka for some kind of Nick Fury book (maybe Ultimate?) they’re not tinking clearly. Also, not to slight Peter David in any way, but I think Rucka might be the guy that could help X-Factor reach a wider audience.

  8. Rob speaks like he draws, poorly and annoyingly. And just like when he and his “innovative” peers left marvel, he sounded spoiled and delusional.

    Frankly no other artist was as well paid for the level of quality work produced as rob was.

  9. I really liked this podcast, and Rob’s insight into the business were fascinating especially Marvel’s relationship to some of the bad movie deals they made back when the were broke. Incredibly interesting.

    I honestly don’t understand why people hate on this guy so much. Yes his work is stylized and epitomizes the 90s style, but seriously, did he pull a Vick and torture animals or something? The level of hate and vitriol that some have for him borders on personal. Don’t get it.

    The Rucka portion of the cast was very informative as well. These interviews continue to be some of my favorites and i’ve learned that even when they aren’t my favorite creators, they are still a ton of fun to listen to. Keep up the great work!

    • wally its because most of us feel like he was only given work because of the incorrect opinion of the editors. We feel SCAMMED.
      and stylized is different from bad. his anatomical errors are egregious and well documented.
      to see him be given more work now is like offering bernie madoff a banking job

    • its been almost 20 years. At some point its best to get over it and move on. Its not real life. its just comics.

      Madoff ruined people’s lives and royally screwed up the world. There is nothing that anyone involved with comics could ever do that would even be in the neighborhood of that. This is why people hate comic fans. We compare insignificant bullshit to life and death.

    • If you don’t like Liefeld comics, don’t buy Liefeld comics. End of story. If you buy them and don’t like them, then you threw your money away when you should have known better.

    • Sorry friend, but “getting over” something doesn’t mean pretend it never happaned nor totally change ones opinion.
      i don;t start brand new topics in message boards about how much he sucks, but commehting in THIS podcast seems fairly germane.

      the fact that you are telling people to get over it, is more obnoxious than those of us, engaging in a little HARMLESS catharsis.

      btw, people hate comic book readers? where? in high school?
      Certainly there is a slight onus regarding the geek culture, but thats more about social norms and all sorts of issues regarding coolness and social acceptability than because the rare fan dresses up like boba fett for his wedding.

    • Josh, can you imagine how your podcasts would go if anytime one of you disliked something the other co-host said “dont by it then moving on!”

      but i get it, podcast hosts kid of have to kiss artist asses in hopes of attracting more interviewees.
      but dont play damage control here, thank you.

    • We provide this forum for you to discuss things, but we ask you to be respectful. If you can’t do that, and you’re going to be insulting to me, then we can moderate you. Please keep that in mind.

    • Apologies if you feel insulted. maybe my language is bombastic, but the fact remains, you DO have to appease artists and appear artist friendly to attract more interviews.
      I’ve been listening to you guys since you were a garage band podcast and I have seen the changes that came with commercial support.
      As for the “don’t buy it” comment, it is a copout retort.
      Comics are a hybrid zero sum system.
      Readers have limited funds to buy comics. Publishers have limited funds to pay artists. If those funds are wasted on mediocre talent, then yes it affects me, if only indirectly.

      Griping about liefield getting work is valid. plain and simple.

  10. part 2 of my Liefeld convesation is part of the next word balloon.

  11. Great interview John, I’m so happy that I gave your podcast a shot.

    Question to John and anyone else, any real standoutsin the Word Balloon archive?

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