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Word Balloon Podcast – Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn

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On this episode of Word Balloon, Firebreather's co-creators Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn discuss the upcoming Cartoon Network animated film, which debuts Wednesday November 24 at 7pm EST .  We talk about the look of the film, and its star director Peter Chung (MTV's Aeon Flux). To celebrate the film's debut, a new Firebreather four part mini series from Hester and Kuhn also debuts next Wednesday from Image Comics.

Also, Phil Hester gives us details about his new role taking over writing chores on the Wonder Woman monthly comic from J. Michael Stracyznski, starting with Wonder Woman #605.

Hester says "[DC] said they had been deliberating over me for a long time, and then pulled the trigger…I've actually already turned in some material. I was hired on a Friday and had to hand in my treatment on a Monday. JMS has a vision for Wonder Woman and he needs to get her to a certain point in the storyline, but he doesn't have the time to get her there, so they gave me that goal. They said 'You need to get her to this place to face this character over these stakes. How you get there is up to you.' It's been great. I've been working with the editor Brian Cunningham, and Don Kramer…it's a Phil Hester comic…it's still going to take the full 12 issues as originally planned…I actually am down with what JMS was trying to do…trying to give a definitive once and for all Wonder Woman origin. It's been a lot of fun, they're really open to my input and I feel like a full partner in the process."

Hester says he's on for the next six issues, for sure. Beyond that? "It all depends," says Hester.

The Wonder Woman assignment will not effect Phil's continuing run writing Top Cow's The Darkness. The Wonder Woman details begin at 24:10 of this epsiode.

Both Hester and Kuhn also have stories that will appear next year in a Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean trade collection that serves as a bridge to the next Pirates film.



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  1. Wish Phil and Ande Parks would get off their keisters and draw something again!

  2. I know you’re probably just being flippant Grandturk, but Phil and Ande are professional comic creators, who are currently being paid for their writing skills.

    It’s not their fault that publishers aren’t offering them books to draw, and it’s not like they’re sitting around doing nothing, as you’re keister comment would suggest.


  3. its also not their fault that comics don’t pay as much as other media forms…more power to them. Can’t wait for this show!

  4. @wordballoon – its a damn shame if they aren’t being offered art gigs.  I love their style, its instantly recognizable, and it suits many different subjects.  Of course I was being flippant – one doesn’t use the term "keister" without one’s tongue firmly in cheek.  However, I’m far more likely to buy a book drawn by Hester and Parks with anybody else writing it than I am to buy a book written by either of them – "professional comic creator" or not – I am attracted to their art first.

  5. I love their art too Turk, but they are actually very good writers.

    Phil is killing on The Darkness, and Ande’s OGN’s Union Station and Capote In Kansas were truly inspired. His current work on Dynamite books like the current Green Hornet prequel to the Kevin Smith treatment is really good too.

    I’m just happy that Phil is getting to write a book for the big 2. Ande did a couple of Daredevil Annuals in recent years.

    Art tastes change in differet eras, and I wonder if the Hester Parks style is even considered at Marvel or DC these days? If not, I’m glad they’re finidng work as writers, because they both are top notch storytellers.  

  6. Firebreather–  Looking to get some of that Ben 10 money.

  7. glad to see Phil just did an alternate cover for an upcoming Green Hornet book for Dynamite.

  8. I totally did not realize that you had interviewed the new WW writer! This is great John!

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