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Word Balloon Podcast – Mark Millar Part 2

Show Notes

Word Balloon presents part two of our conversation with writer Mark Millar. This time Mark tells us a bit more about his low budget comic book film Miracle Park, which he's been shooting in his spare time in between writing comic scripts, and supervising the production of his new men's magazine CLiNT. Mark also gives us his view of the superhero film genre, and what his future involvement might or might not be on Marvel's Film Advisory team. You'll hear status updates on Wanted 2 and Nemesis, plus a few more Millar films in development. 

We also preview Mark and Leinil Francis Yu's next comic project Superior, from Icon, which debuts next month. Plus more talk about Nemesis, Kick-Ass, and Mark's future Marvel plans beyond the Ultimate Avengers comic. 


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  1. Always like to hear from Mark Millar and his views on the future of comics (although I don’t always agree). His interest in buffets is something I do share however.

    Love these Word Balloons! Thanks again!

  2. Who’s up for another round of the Mark Millar drinking game, everytime Mark says "You Know", take a shot and I’ll see you all in casualty.

  3. man. Millar’s awesome. that man makes an incredible amount of sense

  4. I love the creator interviews! I usually dig Millar a lot but there are times when his accent becomes indiscernable…

  5. indiscernable from what? I think you mean the opposite definition of the word you’ve chosen.

    Mark does have a thick accent, and is the first to admit it, but he does speak english  

  6. He meant that Millar’s accent sometimes makes his words indiscernable (to some non-Scottish people).

    Funny how the more DISCERNIBLE an accent is, the more INdiscernible words are.

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