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Word Balloon Podcast – Jeff Parker Part 1/ WB Hotline Debuts!

Show Notes

In Part One Jeff talks about the exploits of General Ross in Hulk, and we look back at the wrap up to The Agents Of Atlas.We also discuss  his popular direction for the Thunderbolts, including the recent team up with the Avengers in 150, and the origin of The Ghost in #151. Jeff also previews his new web comic with Erika Moen called Bucko, which debuts Feb 1st 

Plus we debut the Word Balloon Hotline, and start taking your weekly calls about the comic book news, past guests and any questions you have about the show. To make a call for a future episode, call 312-841-7025.

Part 2 is coming later this week.


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  1. Thanks for this John!

  2. Haven’t listened to this interview all the way through yet, but so far another great interview, John. It helps that I like Parker & Hardman’s Agents of Atlas and Hulk. Parker gives good interviews.

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