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Word Balloon Podcast – Jay Faerber ‘s Dynamo 5 Holiday Special

Show Notes

On this edition of Word Balloon, writer Jay Faerber is back to talk about next week's Dynamo 5 Holiday Special from Image Comics. The one shot picks up after the events of this year's "Sins of the Father" storyline, and features an all new story, plus five epilogues, that leads into next year's next Dynamo 5 mini series… and beyond.

As a writer who has many creator owned properties like the superhero soap opera Nobel Causes, his detective OGN Dodge's Bullets and others, Jay also talks about the availability of his past works as digital comics and explains the time consuming realities behind transferring these works from print to digital. Many indie creators must patiently wait for the digital companies to get to everyone's comics while they also cater to the needs of Marvel, DC and other companies.

We also talk about Jay's admission into the Warner Television Writers Workshop, which leads to a talk about American television, and screenwriting.


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  1. The last arc of Dynamo 5 was violent as hell.  Can’t wait to listen to this.

  2. Good Interview.  I’m very much looking forward to the Dynamo 5 holiday special.  The Sins of the Father mini was brutal in a great way.  I’m down for anything written by Jay.  Looking forward to the crime series.

  3. Great interview!  I love Noble Causes but have yet to read Dynamo 5.  I picked up the first trade today due to the podcast…thanks!  

  4. This made me want to go check out dynamo 5.

  5. Dynamo 5 is a great superhero book! If you like Invincible, give Dynamo 5 a shot.

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