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Word Balloon Podcast – Ed Brubaker Part 4, Simon Spurrier, & Brian Michael Bendis

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, we wrap up our marathon conversation with Ed Brubaker, just as his final issue of Captain America hits the stands. Ed has closing thoughts on his run, artist Steve Epting’s incredible art for this last issue and teases what to expect in his last issues of Winter Soldier. Ed also made Hollywood  headlines with two TV pilots getting picked up by NBC and FOX. We discuss both potential series plots and where they are in terms of development.

Then we listen in on two of Marvel’s Next Big Thing press conferences, as creators and editors discuss the directions of several Marvel NOW! titles.

First X-Men Legacy writer Si Spurrier and Daniel Ketchum tell us how mutant David Haller (Legion) finds his place in the X-Universe and deals with the death and legacy of his father, Professor Xavier.

Then writer Brian Bendis And editor Nick Lowe gives the broad strokes of All-New X-Men, as the original 5 X-Men time travel to face their future and the present status of the Marvel Universe.


Time Code

00:00-1:24:37 Ed Brubaker

1:27:38-1:59:16 Simon Spurrier

1:59:17-End        Brian Bendis




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  1. Am i the only one who wants John and Ed to sit down and just make a weekly Noir podcast where they talk about films i can only get from the dvd store in the alley way ? I love the comic stuff but the film chat is the best.

  2. So I’m the one. The one guy who thinks “Prez: Smells Like Teen President” is one of the best Ed Brubaker comics ever written. Come on, it was a tribute to the age of grunge. The whole “Prez” thing was just the background to a wonderful story with awesome art by Eric Shanower. Loved this book.

    • I liked Prez too. Just teasing Ed. We talked more about it and Lou Stathis in one of our earliest chats. It’s kind of similar to how I tease Bendis and Mack about FLAXEN for Calibre

    • My copy is getting pretty tattered. I’m wishing they would reprint it somewhere. Maybe with the original DC 1st Issue Special and the Sandman issue? Just trying to think of how they could do it.

      Thanks as always for a great show, John.

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