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Word Balloon Podcast – DC VPs & Michael Avon Oeming

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On this edition of Word Balloon we check in with DC vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham to talk about the April numbers and the release of DC’s 2nd wave of titles entering the New 52. The duo remain elusive when it comes to any information regarding the 3rd wave coming in the fall. Also, Cunningham gives us more details on the Nielsen marketing surveys the company did at the start of the New 52 and says they plan to do follow up surveys to see how trends may have changed since the initial excitement for the new books.

Then we welcome back Michael Avon Oeming, who has been working in video games for the past few years with only Powers as his comic book output. This summer Oeming is back full time with several new creator owned projects at Dark Horse like Wild Rover, a very dark personal story combined with supernatural allegories and imagery. We also talk about his new post modern superhero team The Victories  and its comparison to previous Oeming original works like Parliament Of Justice, Ship Of Fools, and Hammer Of The Gods. Plus, Mike talks about the new direction and upcoming re-boot of Powers called Powers FBI. As we’ve learned in previous conversations Oeming is a big mythology fan, and he has interesting thoughts on why he thinks superheroes don’t fit the function of past mythologies and legends.


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  1. Huh. I didn’t know Michael is in Bellevue. Nice! I’m just across the water in Seattle. Really dig his insight on Dark Horse Presents. I got a lot of my comics education from that title, and it’s great to have it back. Appreciate his thoughts on Watchmen as well. Completely agree!

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