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Word Balloon Podcast – Dave Gibbons, Greg Rucka Part 2, and Neal Adams & Christos Gage

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, Dave Gibbons is back to talk about The Secret Service, his new Icon mini series with Mark Millar. Of course this being the debut week of the Before Watchmen prequels, we ask Dave to comment on the ongoing debate over whether these projects should happen or not. We also talk about where creator owned projects are in the post Watchemen era, and get an idea of some of Gibbons’ future digital plans.

Greg Rucka finishes the latest Rucka Debrief, with talks about The Punisher, his steampunk swashbuckling web comic Lady Sabre and The Pirates Of The Ineffable Aether with artist Rich Burchett, plus more classic detective debate about the many film and TV of Sherlock Holmes and Philip Marlowe. You can hear Part One of the Rucka Debrief here. 

Finally we take you inside a recent Marvel telephone press conference featuring Christos Gage and Neal Adams talking about their First X-Men mini series debuting this August. Adams and Gage field questions about this continuity implant that tells the earliest tales of Charles Xavier’s attempt to save mutants in the years before founding his school for the gifted. The creators talk about their takes on Magneto, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and several new characters created for the series.


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  1. Really enjoyed another episode of Word Balloon. The interview with Dave Gibbons was great and I enjoyed Gage and Adams interview also. I was very lucky to have three doses of Greg Rucka in a little over a week. Both parts of Word Balloon was great and Rucka is always a great treat. I also had a chance to meet Rucka again at a book signing here in Houston. He’s at my top of writers in any genre. If I ever hit the lottery I’d give John as much as he wants to keep doing great interviews with great artists and writers.

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