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Word Balloon Podcast – Bendis Tapes pt 2, Chris Burnham, Rick Remender & Tom Brevoort

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On this episode of Word Balloon, we continue the latest edition of the Bendis Tapes. In Part 2, Bendis talks about the editorial process behind Marvel’s monthly double shipping of issues. We discuss the gripes adult viewers have with the Ultimate Spider-Man DisneyXD cartoon, then go into a behind the scenes look at the writers room. Brian addresses the difficulty of creating new stand alone characters for the big two that find success . He hypes Daredevil: End Of Days and All New X-Men. Brian also talks about the likely scrutiny that his X-Men run will receive from hardcore X-Fans . We also talk about Bendis’s recent year run on Moon Knight with Alex Maleev and it’s role as a prequel to his upcoming Ultron War story.

Then Chris Burnham sits down for a live interview done at Aw Yeah Comics Store in Skokie, IL. We talk about his run on Batman Incorporated , and how he approaches the character and designs for the international heroes in the book.

Finally we listen in on last week’s Marvel Next Big Thing Press Conference as Rick Remender and Tom Brevoort breakdown what to expect from Uncanny Avengers.


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  1. Hi John. Thanks for another great show.

    I wonder would you be able to add some times to the shownotes to aid listeners to jump directly to the creator or topic we’d like to hear? i know it would make my life easier as I tend to listen to the show over a few days and jump from pc to mobile device frequently. At times I’ve not finished shows as I’ve just given up trying to find where I previously was, and as you’re putting so much work into these I’d like to get as much out of them as possible.

    Thanks again!

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