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Pick of the Week #49 – Batman #657

Show Notes

Batman is the topic of discussion as Josh Flanagan’s doubleheader comes to end. Ultimate Spider-Man #100, Justice Leage of America #2, all the zany Civil War books, Jack of Fables and Animal Man are discussed as well. We also answer listener e-mails and voicemails.

Running Time: 00:58:24

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – It’s Josh’s pick — again — and it’s Batman #657!

00:08:54 – Out of nowhere, Ultimate Spider-Man #100 was terrible.
00:11:53 – Josh and Ron dig Justice League of America #2; Conor not so much.
00:16:03 – There were so many Civil War tie-ins this week!
00:21:36 – The lack of Chris Bachalo had Josh and Ron loving X-Men #191.
00:23:40 – Josh recommends Jack of Fables #3 and The Trials of Shazam #2.

Trade Talk:
00:24:56 – The first Grant Morrison Animal Man trade blew Josh away.

00:27:40 – Garrett from Temecula, California loves Brittney Marie and wants rock n’ roll comics!
00:30:14 – Jeremy from Waldorf, Maryland wants to know about The Foot clan, our 50th episode, and continuity reboots.
00:35:15 – Ryan is looking for comics on DVD, non-zombie trades, and wants to know what iFanboy thinks of Heroes.
00:38:50 – Scott tries to throw a monkey wrench into our attempt to ask out a cute comic store girl on behalf of one of our listeners.
00:40:20 – Natalie from Singapore thinks comics are too expensive and that we should stop being bamfs around girls.

00:46:06 – Sanchez from Queens, New York knows where the hot girls are to be found.
00:48:07 – Matt from Orlando, Florida wants to know about good comic blogs.

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