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Talksplode #56 – Chris Schweizer and Scott Chantler

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Running Time: 01:30:04

We’ve got a special Talksplode for you today, featuring two fantastic cartoonist/graphic novelists, talking about their career and making comics, and doing all ages and historical comics.

Chris Schweizer is the creator of the Crogan’s series of books, and the recent third volume, Crogan’s Loyalty about a branch of the Crogan family during the American Revolutionary War.

Scott Chantler is a Canadian writer and artist with a fantastic body of work from Northwest Passage to Two Generals to the Three Thieves series of all-ages adventure books, as well as others.

Both artists work in a historical context, and draw in a “cartoony” style. The conversation veers across both of their careers and their thoughts of working on large projects dealing with real history, among many things. It’s a long, freewheeling conversation that covers lots of ground that’s fairly different from the path of most creators from the Marvel/DC world.

For more from Chris Schweizer, visit his website, and follow him on Twitter. For more on Scott Chantler, check out his website and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Don’t know if it’s just me but the itunes feed for this episode is playing the make comics podcast #23 instead

  2. yeah the iTunes is messed up for me too.

  3. iTunes feed is fixed – just delete the episode and unsubscribe, resubscribe and it should download just fine

  4. Really enjoying the Talksplodes lately. Thanks for the great free content!

  5. Thanks for this great interview with two interesting guys and talented creators. I’ve spoken to Scott Chantler a couple of times at cons, and I know he appreciates the focus you can cast on his work. Now based on this interview, I’ll be tracking down more work from both of these guys.

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