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Talksplode #27 with Bob Schreck of IDW and ‘Jurassic Park: Redemption’

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Josh Flanagan talks to IDW senior editor Bob Schreck about the upcoming Jurassic Park: Redemption, the first comic he’s actually scripted after years as a comics editor.  Bob talks about his time as an editor at Comico and Dark Horse Comics, as well as Oni Press, a company he co-founded.  Then we talk about his working relationship with such industry giants as Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and more, and his time at DC Comics where he edited projects like The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Batman, Detective Comics, All-Star Superman, All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder, and more amazing comics, as well his his move to Vertigo, and eventual dismissal from DC Comics, to where he is now at IDW. Bob Schreck has had a hand in so many of the best comics to come out in the last 20 years, and he’s still at it.

Running Time: 00:44:15

“Dinosaur Act”
Matthew Sweet


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  1. Great interviews, Josh. I simply adore the conversation of all had occured during Mr. Schrek’s run in DC Comics. Especially how he got Greg Rucka in comics. Seriously, in my opinion, the biggest achievement Mr. Schreck has done was making sure Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow run was not another one of his typical "one issue per four months, if lucky" situations.

  2. Excellent interview. Bob Schreck is one of the most interesting people in comics.

  3. Great work Josh. What an amazing career the man has had & it’s nowhere near over. So many highlights (my heart skipped a beat when he mentioned Harryhausen & O’Brien!); I could listen to this guy for hours. Again, very well done Josh – I tips my hat to you.

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