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Special Edition – The Lego Batman Movie

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After stealing everyone’s hearts in The Lego Movie, Batman gets another star turn in The Lego Batman Movie! Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, and surprise special guest Josh Flanagan talk about what worked, what didn’t, and how the entire thing came very close to violating a Sacred Batman Law. Also, the current state of all-ages animated films, the Will Arnett Conundrum, and the relentlessness of Geek Culture! Plus… Ice Pirates?

Running Time: 00:35:15

The Lego Batman Movie

“Who’s the (Bat)Man”
Patrick Stump


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  1. Great show, guys. I appreciate the dedication to script and format that you manage in the POW podcasts, but the wider ranging nature of this conversation was excellent. I need to become a Patreon supporter, as I suspect the monthly hangouts are similar. Thanks for the deluge of material this month.

  2. Conor has to be getting fatigued on comic book media considering he’s been on the podcast for every TV, movie or direct to video release that I can recall in the past year or so. I don’t watch everything and I’m definitely getting less excited for each release 🙂

  3. Saw the movie today, had the same opinions you guys do about it (and was also exhausted! lol). I liked it, and laughed a lot, though it was not as deep and entertaining as “The Lego Movie.”

    And yes – everything Conor said about Bruce & Barbara Gordon, x1000. I am so creeped out and baffled by WB’s continued effort to play romance between these two characters, it’s the very reason I refused to see the DCAnimated “Killing Joke.” Does a Lego Batman movie really need a romantic subplot, anyway? The script works so hard to underscore that the Batman/Robin relationship is a father/son relationship; did the script need to go that extra mile to prove beyond any doubt that Batman does indeed like females? If so, couldn’t they have plugged in Selina Kyle or Vicki Vale as the mayor character, to let Bruce have the hots for her instead – while playing Batgirl as another member of the Batman/Robin fight squad? I’d’ve preferred any replacement scenario, really. Bruce + Barbara = disgusting.

    Fortunately I was calmed down by seeing Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai on a movie screen! And The Martian Dancehunter.

  4. I’ve seen it with my son several times…I love it. It makes me laugh every time.

    “DC, the house that Batman built. Yeah, what, Superman? Come at me bro. I’m your kryptonite.”

  5. BTW, the Babs thing made me raise an eyebrow and wonder who is pushing this idea.

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