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Special Edition – Invincible, Season 1

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick and Paul Montgomery — and special guest Josh Flanagan discuss the first season of the new animated series that has taken the world by storm, Invincible!

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  1. The show is great except for how William and Amber to a certain degree have been portrayed. William as portrayed in the show was a stereotypical gay teenager where it came across as Kirkman not actually knowing anyone who is gay. He shouldn’t have to know anyone, but that’s the opposite of the comic when that reveal happens so much later. He was an integral part in the beginning as his best friend. Referring to comics as “straight things” in episode 1 was pretty terrible dialogue. Mark should have also flown with William before flying with Titan which makes that moment later funnier.

    William was forgotten for 4 episodes where it felt like a meta reference in episode 6 with why Mark has not been around. I like it a lot more in the comic when Mark reveals he is Invincible to Amber where she finds out much earlier. There were also 2 missed opportunities with dialogue from the comic. First was Immortal not saying “I never liked you” followed by Omniman saying, “The feeling is mutual.” Then later the second time is when Eve tells Mark people never look up when they fly and change. I do think the show is great with a stellar voice cast, but those issues and specifically William’s portrayal stood out to me.

  2. Damian Darkblood is briefly in the comic and appeared more in the show with his investigation. He says he is investigating in the comic where he disappears only to show up again after the Invincible and Omniman confrontation. He says he figured out that Omniman killed the Guardians and then is mocked since he was late to the party. He’s a combination of Rorschach and Hellboy where the first time you see him in the comic is from behind where the hat, trench coat, and the back of his head being white makes you think it’s a version of Rorschach. He says “Hrm” often in the comic. You can’t see his ears in the comic either with white going all around his head.

    • Yes, I very much got a Rorschach vibe to Damian Darkblood, not only in his portrayal but also in the general sense – i.e. this being a story about hero murder / the culprit is from that world / the investigator is from that world. I can’t see Kirkman not having Watchmen in mind when he wrote it.

  3. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were responsible for getting the Preacher show made and it wasn’t great. That’s when they were more active in writing, directing, and creating the show. They did much better with The Boys and weren’t as hands on in their producer roles along with Invincible since they helped find the show runners. According to Robert Kirkman, the live-action Invincible movie they are attached to produce is still in development. I don’t see it ever getting made. Kirkman created the Invincible show and he gets final say on most things. It was his idea to the 40-45 minute animated series and everyone just went with it. Jason Mantzoukas is one of his friends who he said would always get a role in the show and I am very impressed with the voice cast.

  4. Nice discussion. I found this show somewhat entertaining, but it felt a bit to teenager target show, especially the characters. It was a good adaptation, I just feel the source material isn’t that strong.

    Nowadays we have so many deconstructions of the generic superhero story with was probably started by Watchmen, but Invincible was the less interesting comic, The Boys is well done probably the best adaptation, Jupiter’s Legacy is probably my favorite comic in that style, but the show was bad.

    Also the animation was, ok, I always look back to 90’s Japanese tv shows, and they all are somehow superior, they were able to make miracles with the tools available, just look at Cowboy Bebop,Trigun, Escaflowne, Berserk, Evangelion, Memories. They all became classics.

    There are some gems that pop now and then, Love Death + Robots has some beautiful episodes, second season will air Friday, you could do a show about the episodes, that would be super interesting.

    An amazing 2021 for everyone

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