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Pick of the Week #73 – The Spirit #4

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:01:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – Josh loved the pure comics majesty that was The Spirit #4 so he made it the Pick of the Week!

00:10:42 – Conor and Josh are both dug The Brave and the Bold #2.
00:16:35 – Conor was somewhat underwhelmed by X-Factor #17.
00:20:54 – Josh thought that 52 Week 46 had the best panel of the week.
00:26:04 – Hellblazer #230 was very nearly Josh’s Pick of the Week. Chris from Long Island agrees.
00:32:17 – Josh gave Army @ Love #1 a shot and he’s not sure what to make of it.

00:36:29 – Six Gun from Tennessee wants to know why we’re not excited for the Halo comic.
00:39:59 – Sasha from Mississauga, ON has a question about modern classics and Scene of the Crime.
00:43:00 – TC needs some Marvel books to buy.
00:47:18 – Chris from Long Island has a friend in crisis.

00:49:57 – Matt from Simi Valley, CA loved JSA #4.
00:51:46 – Zack from Portland, OR makes us feel old.
00:56:24 – Augie from the Pipeline podcast feels our pain.

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