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Pick of the Week #43 – Phonogram #1

Show Notes

We just could not shut up this week, but we managed to get it in just barely under an hour. So sit back and enjoy the conversation about Phonogram #1, as well as a whole lot more.

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Running Time: 00:59:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – We get right to the Pick of the Week, and the big winner is Phonogram #1 from Image Comics.

00:17:47 – Ron offends Conor’s indie sensibilities, but quickly apologizes.
00:18:24 – The boys talk about The Boys #1. And they’re not loving it so much.
00:22:44 – Fell #6 earns some words of praise in the middle of the discussion on The Boys.
00:28:45 – Then it’s back to basics, as we chew the fat on week 52 Week 15. Conor says, “Good Riddance!”
00:33:06 – What a surprise! Ron complains about an X-Men book! Mecha-Sentinels must die!

00:35:23 – Delays! It’s the hot topic on the web, and we can’t seem to agree about the delay on Civil War #4. We’ll be honest, this goes on for a while.

00:47:34 – Tim asks us what we’ve got against manga.
00:48:45 – Kevin takes us to task for the lack of depth in the San Diego video.
00:53:37 – St. Paul Doug says, “go to the public library if you can’t afford to buy all the comics you want! They’re there, and they’re free!”
00:55:06 – Rachel and her husband Jack let us know that they enjoy the podcast over Sunday dinner.

00:56:31 – The Frappr map is either at 294 or 307. Whichever, you know? We’re not picky.

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