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Pick of the Week #570 – The Flintstones #8

Show Notes

Some Chaykin talk, some gentle ribbing, Mark Wahlberg, and plenty of dislikes to go around, but some actual thoughtful talk about comics, somewhere in the middle. Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, and Josh Flanagan are back in the seats, and we’re almost on point this week.

Running Time: 01:04:28

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – The Flintstones #8

FullSizeRender 2Comics:
00:12:12 – Deadly Class #26
00:15:20 – Batman #16
00:19:38 – Paper Girls #11
00:22:06 – All-New X-Men #18
00:28:35 – Invincible #132
00:31:02 – Superman #16
00:33:05 – Planetoid: Praxis #1
00:34:52 – Nova #3

Star Wars Corner/Patron Pick:
00:38:40 – Star Wars #28
00:41:34 – Star Wars: Darth Maul #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:31 – Alan Alvarez
00:48:41 – David Brown
00:49:21 – Eric
00:50:15 – Tom Baty

Audience Question:
00:51:27 – Danny is thinking of going all digital. Will it be okay?
00:57:08 – Greg wonders if we’ll ever see Superman’s trunks again.

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  1. Really, patrons? These guys have a segment called STARS WARS CORNER, and you didn’t think they would review Darth Maul #1? I am disappointed to be a part of this community, haha.

  2. This Mark Russell-written SNAGGLEPUSS title… I am going to buy the hell out of it. Brilliant concept.

  3. So I’ve a question for you fine gentlemen. I’ve heard you mention on several podcasts that you were occasionally disappointed in the Patron’s voting choice because one of the main reasons to do it was to force you guys to read something you don’t normally read. Which is awesome.

    But it also begs the question, in situations where this is the case, why not simply invalidate that vote and go to the next one down? Because just about every week the choice has been something a whole bunch of us really hope you review. Just seems redundant is all.

    Then again, someone may have already asked this question and you’ve answered, in which case I am a silly buffoon and I’m sure you’ve got this.

    Love the podcast, and I got my wife hooked on GFM (we just made an elaborate Italian dinner Saturday date night. One bottle red, one bottle white.)

    • Invalidating the vote simply because you don’t like the results goes against the very purpose of holding a vote (or an election).

      While we may hope that the Patrons select a book that we would not otherwise read, there has never been an official stated purpose to the segment other than to read and discuss whichever book wins the voting.

      Also, occasionally we may play up the degree of disgruntled that we feel about a selection for entertainment value. (But not this week — I was genuinely annoyed I had to read a Star Wars Prequel book. But that’s okay! The people spoke and so read it I did. Hopefully people found my annoyance amusing. I know Josh and Ron did.)

    • Right on. I’m hoping this is something Ron has feedback on in particular, since he seems the most ready to comment on others voting for things he would’ve read anyway. I always inferred that the Patron choice was specifically to have you guys read something you wouldn’t have otherwise, which is why I brought it up.

      Hopefully that came across as inquisitive more than anything. I certainly didn’t intend for that to sound trollish, my apologies if it did. Cheers!

    • Well, sure, if a book that we talk about every time it comes out gets voted on the show it feels like a wasted vote, but again, if that’s what the people want that week, that’s what the people get.

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