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Pick of the Week #543 – The Sheriff of Babylon #8

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All by his lonesome for only the second time in iFanboy history, Josh Flanagan fills airtime. And it makes him thirsty. He also recorded into his laptop mic instead of the much nicer sounding mic he was physically speaking into the entire time. And yet, you will be entertained, dare we say charmed? There’s some aimfulness to this rambling, and a more distilled version of the comic book talking you have come to expect. Mostly.

Running Time: 01:00:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:33 – The Sheriff of Babylon #8

00:09:47 – Superman #2
00:13:26 – Aquaman #2
00:16:19 – Unfollow #9
00:18:02 – Empress #4
00:20:20 – Invincible Iron Man #4
00:33:02 – Civil War II: Kingpin #1
00:27:58 – Captain America: Sam Wilson #11
00:28:36 – The Walking Dead #156
00:31:00 – Batman #2
00:33:17 – Midnight of the Soul #2

Star Wars Corner:
00:34:58 – Star Wars: Poe Dameron #5

Audience Question:
00:35:57 – Matt wants to know if comics or superheroes are popular right now.
00:39:16 – Lukas is worried about a horrifying metamorphosis taking place.
00:44:22 – Josh takes to Twitter for rapid fire questions.

00:59:03 – Justice League: Rebirth #1

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  1. It’s kind of the deal it just seems a bit cheap- that gender/race replacing existing characters rather than creating wholly new and interesting characters Kamahlah Kahn/Miles or Blue Marvel even- The New Ultimates is a great book right now.
    Regardless of any of those issues my question is this- how is any 15 yr old qualified to be in this role no matter how smart she is.
    And Bendis if you’re listening. Seriously, you do Not have to stress that every woman in Tony’s life is ‘smarter’ than him in order to get across that said character is intelligent. Just stop that.

    • “how is any 15 yr old qualified to be in this role” ?….uh, Spider-man? Both, actually. It’s comic books. It works.

    • Being Iron Man is bit more complicated than just reverse engineering an old armor and more so than putting on some tights and beating up crooks.
      And not- ‘b/c comics’ isn’t good enough.

    • Another point is that Iron Man is basically a weapon of war (or, a war machine, for lack of a better term… no pun intended)…

      The fact that Iron Man wields such dangerous tech tends to lend to the storyline as to why the government constantly tries to keep tabs on him… and really why he rationalizes working with the government as well.

      It really is not believable that a 15 year-old who appears out of nowhere could be not only the level of Tony Stark (who happens to be an engineer/craftsman on par with Reed Richards, and builds tech that rivals Dr. Doom, Doc Oc, T’Challa, and pretty much every other genius engineer in Marvel). And that she would be allowed to wield such dangerous weapons freely as a vigilante without any oversight.

      If she’s better than Tony Stark, perhaps she’s the second coming of Forge?

      Then again, this is comics (specifically superhero comics). So there’s some leeway for disbelief.

      But yeah, while I’m thinking about it, another issue that I personally have with some of these changes is the pacing… it’s all happening so fast. And it’s happening concurrently while these characters are more popular than ever in mainstream culture.

      I understand that there’s months of planning behind these announcements, but from a layman reader’s perspective it kind of feels like with the rate/propensity of these replacements, it’s like they want to fast-track a new generation of heroes to popularity by giving them the names of existing popular heroes rather than taking the time to build up their individual identities.

      What would have been C-list heroes are being fast-tracked to A-list prominence not by feats or epic storylines, but by removing/replacing A-list heroes (or even A-list teams altogether in the case Inhumans vs X-Men)… And, understandably, it’s a bit hard for longtime readers to entirely embrace the manner in which much of that is happening.

    • Your guys qualms (“Iron man is a weapon of war”, “how is a 15-yr old qualified”) are EXACTLY what makes it an interesting story.

    • @ed209AF: What ‘might’ make it an interesting story.

      I suppose it remains to be seen.

      Anyway, my personal opinion, most of these tweaks and changes would’ve been unnecessary if they’d just kept the Ultimate Universe around. I’m still not sold on building a storyline around constantly reinventing an existing wheel.

      But yeah, we’ll see where Bendis takes this. As much as I find it unfortunate Marvel doesn’t seem to value its rich history as much as its readers still seem to, I’m still willing to give some of these new characters/story arcs a shot.

      Again, we’ll see where all of this goes eventually.

    • Any story ‘might’ be good or bad.

  2. Nicely done, Josh – I was entertained! I was fascinated to find out that you have your own super power: “rapid-fire subject-switching ability” (getting immediately into the next comic after banter – It can’t be easy.) The real key for me, however, is that you have hit podcast gold with a new feature I think you should call: “Twitter Rapid Fire” – keep it in! This new (once-a-month?) feature is that you three do round-robin style “Twitter rapid fire” Q+A’s. More people get to ask questions and have them read and you guys get to pontificate more (I really WAS interested in your opinions on the types of questions I heard, and imagine same would work with Ron and Conor. Yes, yes?)

  3. 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    The last four pages of Sam Wilson Captain America #11 was some awesome story telling by Daniel Acuña.

  4. Hats off to you, Josh!! You may not be on stage, but you’re a behemoth of a one man show in insight and humor. Well done.

  5. Terrific job holding down the fort, Josh. Much respect!

    And count me in as someone who would love to see the twitter quick-fire become a regular or semi-regular feature.

  6. Good show brother.

  7. I’m still reading The Walking Dead in issues. I also don’t watch the TV show. Mostly because I have young kids and it’s hard to find the time to watch a horror show. I think it’s easy to burn yourself out on it if you do both so that’s another reason I just stuck with the issues.

    I think The Walking Dead is the most consistent book I’ve ever read. The only thing that would compare is probably B.P.R.D and that’s not nearly as consistent. B.P.R.D just has some really slow arcs and probably works much better in trades. The Walking Dead surprisingly works well reading in both ways. Loving all the Negan stuff in this new arc by the way.

  8. Josh holding down the fort all on his own… and what do you know, yet another great show.

    Love the iFanboy crew, but I also thoroughly enjoy these solos.

    Also, I really enjoyed Superman #2 this week. Such, such a joyous book. Plus, on my end, I was a fan of Eradicator in the 90s so I did enjoy the blast from the past reveal (?) this week’s issue.

    Last I recall Eradicator used to be a hero… one of the versions of Superman post the ‘Death of Superman’ story arc. I think it was him, Steel, and a few others. But now he’s a villain? Anyway, great to see him back.

    And, like I said, Josh is an awesome podcaster. Fun show 🙂

  9. Josh is the man it was a great as always though I missed Ron’s constant laughter and Conner’s dry sense of humor. Tom King is slowly becoming a giant in the industry, and you’re right about Mark Millar. I’d rather read a cape story by him than anyone else. Especially Bendis.

  10. You guys should do a Reign of Fire Minute. I trust no one else with the task!

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