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Pick of the Week #488 – Airboy #1

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick is back to talk about the week in comics with Josh Flanagan! Creative ennui, Star Wars ennui, suburban ennui — they’ve got all the ennui you could possibly need… all in one show!

Running Time: 00:56:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – Airboy #1

00:10:45 – Action Comics #41
00:14:56 – Secret Wars #3
00:19:17 – Big Man Plans #3
00:21:49 – Star Wars #6
00:31:01 – Justice League #41
00:33:47 – War Stories #9
00:35:30 – The Wicked + The Divine #11
00:38:12 – Jupiter’s Circle #3
00:40:19 – Nonplayer #2

Audience Questions:
00:44:32 – Jason from the Island of Dr. Moreau has returned to comics and is looking to recapture that early 90s Image feeling.
00:50:42 – Shafi from Jersey in the Channel Islands, CA has returned to comics and is looking for the cheapest options.

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“We Both Go Down Together”
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  1. If you use last.fm you can enter artists like radiohead, the shins, and decemberists and they give you a list of other artists that aren’t those people but sound like them. Great way to branch out.

    To me the issue with Robinson’s recent work it the lack of economy/ It often feels like he’s so overly wordy when he just doesn’t need to be.

    So Doom is omnipotent but not omscient. Huh. Why not?
    Hickman says he’s God- resonsible for all of creation, but he’s got a problem with his rss reality feed.
    Convenient. THere;s a lot of little holes like this that just take me out of this. Also when some characters are content in this reality but some literally exclaim “We are on Battleworld!” like it was a golden age comic
    This is just so ambitous and took years to setup to reduce it all to ‘big comics fun’ just seems simple too simple.

    Than-Oss ?

  2. Ok, when I saw non player on the image website, I thought it was a prank…

  3. And its with iFanboy 488, where Connor loses all intellectual high ground with comic books. No longer can he look down his nose at the common fanboy who rages when Thor is now a woman or they muck with Spidey’s marriage. He’s as prone to knee jerk reactions about childhood properties as everyone else.

    Seriously, you’ve been doing this how long and you can’t tell that Star Wars reveal is a ruse? “Mrs. Han Solo” will end up dead or it’s a marriage of convenience or she’s just plain crazy. C’mon

    • I have no idea if it’s a ruse or not–I didn’t read it and could not parse the nuance of the scene. I can only react to the idea of it in the abstract and since I’m not going to read it that’s all it will remain for me: an abstract idea.

      There’s a difference between changes to characters who have been told in a weekly serialized story for like 60 years and will continue to be told in weekly serialized story for (possibly) decades more and changes to Star Wars characters that have appeared in three movies and (possibly) three more.

      But yes, I totally treat Star Wars (and probably Batman) different than other properties. I make no bones about that; never have.

      Also, it’s Conor with one “n”.

    • I hope it’s a ruse b/c if not it really seems like a straight writer ego move.
      While abuddah is himself being a bit snooty here he does make a fair point about judement.
      Everyone has their own character and property they focus on a bit more and with so many creative decisions being made for reasons other than story (yes comics have always been a business but never before this Big of one) there are some cases where an invested reader- not necessarily a decades long reader but someone who went through a crisis or two or a few defining story arcs would and I dare say has a right to take exception when their favorite character is ‘fucked’ with.
      It’s different when it’s a casual character to say ‘this isn’t for you’ or ‘why can’t that character be 2 feet tall =a sexual and 20 years younger.’
      But when it’s one you are invested in- you can spot the discrepancies the legitimate issues and inconsistencies in the same way you might say to a friend – hey you’re not acting like yourself. If that friend said oh well I am taking a new direction in my character development you would call bullshit.
      Yes- these are fictional characters. But there is an established matrix – a baseline that some writers understand and some couldn’t care less about.

      So- do we call him Han Duo now?

  4. Jason, Joe Keatinge and Sophie Campbel’s GLORY should scratch That 90s image itch for you. The violence level, artwork and the overall feel of the book captures a certain bombast that I think you’re after. I have a recommend a one volume oversized hardcover because the art is totally worth it,

    (Collections have it listed as Joe Keating and Ross Campbell because it was published before Sophie came out as a transgendered woman)

  5. Picked up Airboy because of the review and the first page has a guy on the throne dropping a deuce…..this is going to be something different….:-)

  6. There was an incursion that pit the 616 heroes off against the Justice League. The battle was brutal and downright horrible but the 616 heroes prevailed. However, beating the Justice League was not enough. No, now the Illuminati had to take a bomb and actually blow up the Earth from the Justice League’s universe. The Illuminati had to murder billions of innocent souls so that their Earth could survive. Each hero grasped the bomb’s controller but found himself too weak to pull the trigger. That was until Namor casually grabbed the controller and detonated the bomb, destroying the other Earth. Everyone was horrified by this. Especially Black Panther. The two began to fight one another when Namor finally let slip that the reason Thanos attacked Wakanda (during the Infinity event) was because Namor made a deal with Thanos to spare Atlantis and attack Wakanda.

    That was the last straw for the other members of the Illuminati, who banished Namor from their presence.

    Soon after, another incursion occurred. The heroes, knowing they did not have the gumption to blow up another Earth, decided to toil away their last few hours doing things they enjoyed (drinking, being with family, etc.). When their alarm clocks buzzed, they all closed their eyes and waited for certain death… But it did not come. Seconds passed by, then minutes, then hours. They did not know what had happened. Was it a miracle?

    Unbeknownst to the heroes, Namor traveled to Wakanda and freed Thanos, Black Swan and the other members of what would become the Cabal. Together, this group took it upon themselves to save their Earth by destroying every other Earth that appeared in the sky.

    That is why Namor is with the “bad guys”. He was forced to side with them because Reed, T’Challa and everyone else could not do what must be done to save Earth.

    Ironically, Namor soon found the Cabal to be too violent. They relished the task of invading other Earths and slaughtering their inhabitants. Namor was so disgusted by this that he traveled to Latveria and basically begged Doom to help him get rid of the Cabal and together save Earth in a more regal/clean fashion. Doom refused, very flatly, by saying that Namor could have come to Doom first and together they could have saved the Earth but instead he sided with monsters. That Namor made his bed and would now have to lie in it. Doom had this great line too, “Doom is no man’s second choice.” That sums up Doom’s character so well, in my opinion.

  7. Airboy, especially the artwork, reminded me of the great Rand Holmes.

  8. Cause it sounds like you didn’t read them, and in case you were wondering about why Clark doesn’t have his armor now in Action Comics #41, it’s told in the “Sneak Peek” comic: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/action-comics-2011/dc-sneak-peek-action-comics-2015
    His biology has been changed somehow, so his fortress denies him access and sucks up his armor, leaving him with just scraps of his cape, which he now uses to protect his hands.

  9. Justice League #41 was my first JL New 52 book and I loved it. I only picked it up because of Fabok’s previous work on Batman Eternal. Regarding The Wicked + The Divine, I agree with what Josh said. I never understood the pop star aspect of the gods. It’s unfortunate that 11 issues in and this part of the story hasn’t been fleshed out. It seems like a pretty significant aspect to the appeal of this book’s concept. I wasn’t able to figure out the real-life inspirations for all the gods, but here goes:

    Luci(fer) – David Bowie
    Amaterasu (Cover of #2) – Florence + The Machine
    Baal (Cover of issue #4) – Kanye West
    Inanna (Cover of #6) – Prince
    Sakhmet – Rihanna
    The techno robot looking god – Daft Punk?
    There was another good whose name escapes me, but they’re wearing Michael Jackson’s signature red jacket with the shoulder pads.

  10. I really liked JLA but it seems a weird choice to have ‘Myrina Black’ be the name of almost four dozen women in the US of the DCU … ‘Myrina’? I Googled, no one is called ‘Myrina’? Why not Becky or Lee or Michelle…

  11. Just listened to the show and again was struck by how much AirBoy reminded me of the “underground adventure” comics of Glibert Shelton (Fabulous Furry Freak Bros) and Rand Holmes (Herald Hedd).

    BTW, did anyone else have trouble getting Rebels from Comixology? I downloaded the first two issues but didn’t see number three.

  12. Please tell me that is not how (@24:20) chutzpah is pronounced in New Hampshire!

  13. I’m a couple episodes behind here, but you guys were discussing the most economical way to collect and you mentioned that there was no advantage to digital collecting (besides Marvel Unlimited). Au Contraire! There is a one or two month delay, but most of the indy publishers (including Image) drop the books a dollar on Comixology.
    Just a tip!

    • Not to mention the plentiful sales every week. Don’t want to play Comixology up too much here, but it is the method I’ve chosen to standardize on for my digital comic use outside of Marvel (I’m a DCU subscriber).

      Now if only there was a company that would setup the ‘all you can eat’ model for digital comics. I checked out scribd a few months back, but they need more publishers to get on board to really be competitive.

    • Freudian slip? Meant MCU.

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