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Pick of the Week #409 – Pretty Deadly #1

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It’s another voluminous head of glorious comic book discussion as Paul Montgomery, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick comb through the week’s picks.

Total Running Time: 01:00:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Pretty Deadly #1

Pretty Deadly_1Comics:
00:11:03 – Velvet #1
00:15:36 – Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #4
00:19:02 – Daredevil #32
00:25:21 – All-Star Western #24
00:29:46 – Marvel: Now What #1
00:33:40 – Aquaman #24
00:36:00 – Uncanny Avengers #13
00:37:05 – Satellite Sam #4
00:40:14 – The Unwritten #54

Trailer Talk:
00:41:56 – Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Audience Questions:
00:48:58 – Scootch from Cylinder, Iowa wants to know who has the best hair in comics.

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  1. Gotta give it up to Image for standing by their creators. Liking or disliking a book is purely personal preference, but that store owner went over the line and I’m glad Image dealt with it the way they did.

  2. Re: Aquaman casting; I’d do Young Justice Aquaman and have him played by Travis Fimmel from VIkings

  3. I totally agree with Josh’s reaction of the Captain America Winter Soldier trailer.It was goddam awesome and I had chills watching it over and over.

  4. This was a weak week for me. I had 14 damn titles to read, but none of them I really loved. Clone #11 was pick of the week for me followed by All Star Western #24. Pretty Deadly and Velvet really didn’t grab me, but the art in both were goddamn beautiful. I will give both 2 more issues.

  5. I always thought that Norman and Harry had hair like season three Cheers George Wendt.


  6. Great show as always guys.

    I have to say, I’m once again with Paul on the subject of Pretty Deadly. I thought it was seriously terrific, but yeah, it is the kind of comic book that isn’t just an acquired taste but is one that can go from great to terrible at the drop of a hat. It had an early Vertigo vibe to me and that’s never a bad thing.

    Image had a very strong week overall actually with Pretty Deadly and Velvet being extremely strong first issues and Rat Queens continuing to be surprisingly awesome. I’m not a fantasy guy in general but I love the irreverence and fun characters that populate that book. Pick of the week for me though is Sex Criminals 2 as it mixes the sexy and the sweet brilliantly and it gets a perfect balance between being grounded and out there. Plus its solidly funny too.

    Oh and finally, Josh, The Unwritten isn’t actually crossing over with Fables. I gave up on that series around the same time as you, but apparently the events going on in Fables have nothing to do with the dark alternate reality being portrayed in The Unwritten. Admittedly, I have still been luke warm on this story arc but this final issue redeemed it a fair amount as it brought the focus back to the mythology of the Unwritten whereas the rest of it basically felt like a Fables Elseworlds. Which is fine, but it was still weirdly out of place.

  7. I was so excited for Pretty Deadly but I really didn’t like that first issue. Rios was great as usual but Kelly Sue DeConnick never seems to click for me. I always feel I should like her stuff more than I do, but it just doesn’t seem to be a good fit. I’m in for another issue but it better improve substantially to hold me.

  8. I loved Pretty Deadly enough to write about it myself. The coloring was terrific but the poetry with the themes, like Paul said, is what sold me on it. It did feel eerily close to East of West, but I thought that was fine. Considering it sold out, we can’t be the only ones that liked it.
    I wish one of you would have talked about Ultimate Comics: Spiderman 28. That might have been my pick if not for Pretty Deadly.

    • Well, it “sold out” at the distributor level before anyone in the general public got to read it so one has no effect on the other, but there are clearly many people who enjoyed it.

  9. Glad to hear All Star Western get a mention. Other than Snyder’s Batman, it’s been the most consistently enjoyable book since the re-launch. I’m also really glad that even with the occasional guest star, the book has been able to do its own thing.

    Not sure what to think of Pretty Deadly yet. I’m hanging on for an issue or two more though regardless.

    As for Velvet? Wow. Somehow I’d forgotten how much I liked the Brubaker / Epting team. So very good!

  10. With the new format will there be any opinions given on the new seasons of Arrow or Walking Dead?

    • Anything is possible, but we haven’t talked about those things in particular. Josh doesn’t watch either (though I guess he’s now watching the last season of TWD) and Paul doesn’t watch TWD, and we’re more likely to try to gravitate towards something we can all discuss. We’ll see.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I actually do watch The Walking Dead. I stopped after season one but then caught up before this season started. Enjoying it quite a bit.

    • Why did you start again? You HATED it.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      It was streaming on Netflix and I’d been on the film and television beat for Splash Page, so I figured I should be conversant in it. As it turns out, I really enjoy it and the show’s only gotten more compelling after Darabont’s departure. For me anyway. Maybe this is a conversation we should have.

    • I only made it one episode into that season. I might go back.

      Made into TV form, it’s not my thing.

    • We found the only 2 people in the US not watching the Walking Dead and they are on a comic book podcast?!

      Comic Book Men has 3 seasons? I thought it was gone. Is it now the most successful thing Kevin Smith has been involved with?

    • Conor and I both watch it!

  11. Seriously? Howard Chaykin is precisely the reason I did NOT pick up Satellite Sam. Maybe he was good at one point, but now his characters are all the same double-chinned face, including his women. The idea of him drawing ‘sexy women’ is a good reason to steer clear.

  12. Really wanted to like Pretty Deadly, couldn’t even finish it.

    Really wanted to like Velvet, but I thought it was boring and predictable. I feel like Brubaker is not as compelling as he was in past years with Incognito, Criminal, and early Cap…Velvet and Fatale have been misses for me…

    Other than a handful of titles (Jupiter’s Legacy, New Avengers, Nowhere Men, Scarlet, Thor, Astro City (excepting last issue) and trades from Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Locke & Key, and Saga) , I’m in one of those periods where the books aren’t speaking to me.

  13. Can we PLEASE get a Scootch comic by the Archie Comics folks? Maybe they could cross over. I think he’d initially be persuaded to team up with Reggie only to be betrayed, and ultimately become BFFs with Jughead.

  14. Best hair in comics?
    Colossus’ metallic flattop!!
    Stiff-stuff gel you say? Pshaw, indestructible metal for me

  15. Best female hair in comics – original Ditko Clea!


    Pietro’s hair was a wannabe, compared to her serpentine locks.

  16. I shall probably give Velvet and Pretty Deadly a couple more issues, but I’m not fully on board yet.

    As for hairstyles I;m still too traumatised by Superman’s mullet to think about the whole subject.

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