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Pick of the Week #34 – Civil War: Frontline #1

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:51:26

Pick of the Week:
0:01:15 – With only six comics to pick from, Ron picks Civil War: Front Line #1.

00:17:00 – Josh and Conor both picked up Wonder Woman #1.
00:19:45 – Surprisingly, Josh and Conor also bought Jonah Hex #8.
00:20:28 – Josh is shocked at how bad the first issue of the Superman Returns comic prequels.
00:22:53 – Darrell has been heard, as all three of us picked up the first two issues of Checkmate.
00:29:01 – Conor has picked up the past four issues of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Trade Talk:
00:29:39 – We gush over Absolute Watchmen.

00:35:21 – iFanboy Special Announcement #1! We are going to San Diego Comic-Con!
00:40:14 – iFanboy Special Announcement #2! Donations: How you can help iFanboy
00:47:05 – Frappr Map update: 180 pins!

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“Turn A Square”
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