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Pick of the Week #32 – Daredevil #85

Show Notes

Another long one as we wind down from the three day weekend, with much discussion over the many comics that came out last Wednesday, as well as your emails. We hope you enjoy! (We apologize for the slight echo.)

Running Time: 00:57:36

Pick of the Week:
00:00:45 – Daredevil #85

00:07:33 – She-Hulk #8
00:11:01 – Wolverine #42
00:14:45 – Powers #18

A Quick Tangent:
00:19:03 – The state of Marvel’s covers

00:22:52 – The New Avengers #190
00:26:28 – Green Lantern #11
00:32:52 – Batman #653
00:38:30 – Supermarket #1

00:41:16 – Peter wants to know if he should read Sandman, Preacher, The Invisibles, American Flagg, and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing.
00:47:37 – Vert from Michigan only buys his comics once a month and ends up getting spoiled when he listens to the show.
00:50:13 – Dustin wants to know what we think about so many creators going exclusive to either Marvel or DC.

00:54:25 – Frappr Map update!

“Handle With Care”
Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins


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