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Pick of the Week #37 – Daredevil #86, Wolverine #43, The Amazing Spider-Man #533, X-Factor #8, The New Avengers #21, & Civil War: Frontline #2

Show Notes

How on earth did we cover the SIX books Ron chose as the Picks of the Week? Listen to find out.

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Running Time: 00:58:50

Picks of the Week:
0:02:04 – Ron tells how hard of a time he had with this week’s Pick(s).
00:04:54 – Wolverine #43 where we watch as Wolverine seek justice.
00:08:16 – The Amazing Spider-Man #533 where Spider-Man deals with the ramifications of being responsible.
00:13:27 – X-Factor #8 where Quicksilver returns seeking redemption.
00:17:02 – The New Avengers #21 where Captain America starts the resistance.
00:23:33 – Civil War: Front Line #2 where Speedball needs someone to help him.
00:32:23 – Daredevil #86 where Daredevil has to fight for his life in a prison riot and not forget who he is.
00:34:39 – Ron attempts to bring it all together in explaining how and why he chose these six books.

00:38:29 – Why are we buying so many books every week!?!?!
00:44:40 – Josh talks about the last issue of Lucifer with issue #75.

00:50:25 – Another e-mail from Jason AKA “The Bat” whose fiancee wants to know how old we are, if we have kids, and wants proof that people over 25 read comics.

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0:53:11 – The Frappr map is up to 218 people!

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