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Pick of the Week #29 – Teen Titans #35

Show Notes

First, we apologize for the audio issues at the beginning of the show, which were due to a terrible connection. Second, it’s just Conor and Ron this time, as Josh is “over” comics. Just kidding, he’s on vacation… sorta. Don’t ask. All three of us did hang out Saturday night in New York City and that was fun. We owned the jukebox.

Running Time: 00:40:27

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Teen Titans #35

00:06:27 – Civil War #1
00:14:50 – Infinite Crisis #7
00:20:17 – What else did Ron read this week?
00:21:03 – Fury: Peacemaker #4
00:21:46 – Action Comics #838
00:22:14 – Detective Comics #819
00:22:32 – The Outsiders #36

Comics Book Movie News:
00:23:23 – Superman Returns Trailer
00:27:15 – X-Men: The Last Stand Clips Leak

00:29:07 – Chris N. from Florida is thankful that the show helps him keep up with comics while stationed in the Netherlands.
00:30:12 – John M. wants all the iFanboys to make a Pick of the Week every week.
00:34:53 – Miguel from Ithaca, NY has been having more problems with the comics store in town, asks about oversized hardcovers, and makes things personal.

00:37:37 – Frappr Map Update

“Ringway to SeaTac”
The Wedding Present


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