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Pick of the Week #27 – Daredevil #84

Show Notes

The band’s back together as all three of us discuss Daredevil #84 among other things. We apologize fo the audio issues from our dodgy connection.

Running Time: 00:50:53

Pick of the Week:
00:01:00 – Daredevil #84

00:08:52 – Wolverine: Origins #1
00:09:26 – The New Avengers #18
00:11:05 – Ex Machina Special #1
00:11:40 – Fury: Peacemaker #3
00:12:10 – Robin #149
00:12:53 – Daredevil #84 (Again)

00:16:23 – Conor and Josh’s Comic Book Adventures in London

00:21:47 – Steve thinks that over-sexualized depictions of female superheroes are starting to detract from the stories and wonders if possession of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak would help the Juggernaut defeat Superman.
00:28:07 – Simon from Colombia is going to be in Washington DC and wants to know where to shop for comics and what he should buy, wonders why iFanboy doesn’t like Word Balloon, and wants to compare Josh, Conor, and Ron to the judges on American Idol.
00:36:18 – Jim says that even though Ron is his favorite host the show might be stronger when he’s not on, wants to know how the iFanboys store their books, and if Warren Ellis writing a western comic would be enough to get Josh and Conor reading his books.
00:40:51 – Phil is shocked that none of the iFanboys are reading Fell.
00:43:16 – Jamie alerts us to Men’s Fitness‘ article about the fittest superheroes.

00:49:51 – Frappr Map update!

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