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Pick of the Week #24 – Queen & Country #29

Show Notes

This week, Josh Flanagan picked the British spy comic, Queen & Country. But then the sparks fly over The New Avengers: The Illuminati. Was it really that good? Is it just an also-ran? We also dip into more books from “One Year Later,” and then, would a show be complete without talk of the Frappr map or listener mail? We say thee nay.

(Apologies for the terrible audio at the end of the show.)

Running Time: 00:45:31

Pick of the Week:
00:00:42 – Queen & Country #29

00:09:39 – The New Avengers: Illuminati #1
00:24:08 – All-Star Superman #3
00:26:34 – Green Lantern #10
00:29:41 – Action Comics #837

00:30:54 – The All-Email Extravaganza is next week!
00:32:25 – Andrew thinks that the show is dominated by Marvel books and wants to know why iFanboy doesn’t like Wizard.
00:39:07 – David informs Conor and Josh that Loveless is an on-going series and not a mini-series.

00:40:48 – Frappr map update!

“Inertiatic E.S.P.”
The Mars Volta


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