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Pick of the Week #786 – Fantastic Four: Life Story #2

Show Notes

Go go Dr. Ryan Haupt! With Josh Flanagan away risking life and limb in the frantic pursuit of adventure, the good doctor steps in to join Conor Kilpatrick to chat about the week that was in comics.

Running Time: 01:07:35

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Fantastic Four: Life Story #2

00:10:55 – Checkmate #1
00:15:36 – Batman/Superman #19
00:19:31 – Infinite Frontier #1
00:27:02 – Batman: Reptilian, Book One
00:30:47 – Power Rangers #8
00:35:11 – Wonder Woman Black & Gold #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:38:12 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #13

Hellfire Gala Corner:
00:42:08 – Wolverine #13 / Way of X #3 / S.W.O.R.D. #6

Patron Pick:
00:44:50 – Black Hammer: Reborn #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:16 – Trent Deckard
00:52:45 – Evan Cisneros
00:53:24 – Jason Martinez
00:55:02 – Jeremiah Dunham

Audience Question:
00:56:23 – Betsy needs some recommendations for comics to stock in her classroom library.

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  1. They retconned back in Uncanny Avengers at the end of Remender’s run in 2015 that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were not mutants and they were not Magneto’s and Magda’s children. They were experimented on by the High Evolutionary who thought he failed resulting in them getting their abilities. They are still twins and their parents are Django and Marya Maximoff. That was of course done because of the movies with Fox owning the mutants and Age of Ultron was about to come out. The official reveal was after Age of Ultron came out and it was so blatant where clearly it was an editorial mandate to Remender. I was hoping that would change back with the current X-Men status quo after Disney bought Fox, but I was wrong. It sucks.

  2. I appreciated Ryan’s reference to The Replacements to start the show. However, I strongly disagree with him on Greg Park’s run being fantastic let alone good. He has made many bad decisions even though it feels like editorial mandates at this point. Pak is bending over backwards to tie his run into The Rise of Skywalker to justify plot points of that movie where that’s just not acceptable. Implying Snoke was created from Luke’s hand was very stupid along with bringing in Ochi. It would be far better to distance the run from that movie instead of leaning into it so much.

    Vader knowing about Exegol breaks canon since as a Force ghost, Anakin would have warned Luke about Exegol. It makes the character worse and just isn’t believable when you think it through. I also thought using Sabe in the first arc was a big mistake and an unnecessary thing to do in that time period between ESB and ROTJ. The run has just been a series of bad decisions where the only material anyone has to read that is set between ESB and ROTJ is the Shadows of the Empire novel. I don’t get the decisions that are being made across the board with the comics set between ESB and ROTJ.

  3. I mean there are so many issues with X-Men these days but
    I’m pretty sure that even as ridiculous as F*ck Island has been, that a group of people
    who can terraform a planet can also develop effective birth control.

  4. To help answer Betsy’s question, Marvel’s Champoins series is ongoing (recently rebooted for “Outlawed” aka “Civil War II, Jr.”) but it’s pretty good and youth friendly. I wouldn’t recommend much of the X-Men at all under Hickman, but The Children of the Atom has a great take and a strong voice. Likewise Ms Marvel.

    Also, if Josh were there I’m sure he’d recommend the Runaways that’s still ongoing. (Sorry. 95% of what I buy is Marvel, so I don’t know much from other publishers)

    Don’t sell yourself short, Conor. Your suggestions are fine. Don’t try to second guess what “kids” might like. Quality will speak for itself, and young people, like anyone, will make up their own minds.

  5. My first thought for the library question was the Nightwing Series by Tom Taylor.

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