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Pick of the Week #662 – The Amazing Spider-Man #10

Show Notes

The name of the game is agreement, and Conor and Josh are getting good at it. Not about the Pick, or really about the other book in the lineup, but it’s agreeable at the least. Oh and fun. It’s pretty fun and we make a merlock sound at one point.

Running Time: 01:09:57

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:01:44 –  The Amazing Spider-Man #10

00:08:45 – Action Comics #1005
00:12:53 – Heroes in Crisis #3
00:17:34 – Old Man Hawkeye #11
00:23:07 – Marvel Two-In-One #12
00:28:35 – Daredevil #612
00:31:42 – Books of Magic #2
00:32:50 – Man-Eaters #3
00:35:25 – Ironheart #1

Patron Pick:
00:38:30 – DC’s Nuclear Winter Special #1

Patron Thanks:
00:48:13 – Samuel Weiss
00:49:37 – Jeevan Devassy
00:51:07 – Jack Window
00:52:00 – Joe Stertz

Audience Question:
00:54:50 – Ryan from Philly asks what the best superhero title would be to read, from start to finish.
01:00:09 – Scott in Florida wants to know who the greatest living comic creator is, and the essential Dick Grayson stories.

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  1. Action Comics #1005 bullet points:

    * I love how every issue starts with the desktop splash / intro page. Perfect.

    * Bendis does a great job explaining the Hero Dial for those of us that have never read any issues of Dial H for Hero.

    * very cool seeing The Question show up.

    * I’m kinda, sorta hoping Clark has an affair with Melody Moore. I know it’s fucked up for Superman to cheat on his wife, but Bendis did allude to Clark and Lois having an “open relationship” last issue. So who knows, it could make for some titillating scenarios.

    * does Mayor Hopkins have ties to the Invisible Mafia? Possibly. One thing’s for sure, he can’t handle his liquor.

    * Red Cloud showing up to take on Superman was like something out of a horror movie. Brilliantly rendered by Sook.

    * Action Comics is the best DC book out on the stands right now.

    • I haven’t touched any of the Bendis run, but when I read “The Question” I became very interested. Are Action and Superman telling the same story or are they separate? Looks like the Action story is a 6-parter but I was curious if I’d be lost if I only read one title.

    • Hey the WAC1, Each Superman book has its own storyline going on: The main “Superman” title is dealing with villain Rogol Zaar and focuses on big set pieces (ie: sucking the Earth into the Phantom Zone). “Action Comics” has the more intimate Invisible Mafia story happening and deals with the characters surrounding Clark Kent and his relationships with them (and for my money the better of the two books).

      You should definitely pick up Action 1005. Perfect time to hop into the story.

  2. Fun show today.

    You know, I’ve been thinking about Ryan’s question the second I heard he mention that he starting thinking about the questions after reading Daredevil. I think Daredevil may be the one with the most amazing creators. Everyone has pretty much worked on it Stan Lee, Kirby (a bit) , Wally Wood, Colan, Frank Miller, Bendis, Mazzucchelli, Samnee & Waid, Kevin Smith (ok you can’t win them all).

  3. Voted for Darwyn Cooke Way!

  4. The GOAT and still living is Alan Moore, surely…?

    • This was my thought. In terms of sheer genius and influence, no matter how crazy the dude is now (or always was).

    • In terms of consistently producing groundbreaking work over decades and influencing the medium by others imitating there’s no contest, with all due respect to Denny O’Neil and John Romita etc…

    • Frankly, I was amazed that Robert Kirkman’s name never came up in this conversation. I know he’s comparatively young, but what he’s done with The Walking Dead, plus Image and Skybound itself, plus the business of adapting comics to Hollywood… such a huge creator/influencer.

  5. Also, added another vote for D. Cooke Way.

  6. Was so happy to see DC’s Nuclear Winter Special make it into the show! It was my own Pick of the Week :o) The sheer idea of it was just nutty fun, plus I enjoyed all of the stories (even the meh Kamandi one… I mean, when’s the last time we got a Kamandi Hanukkah story? LOL). And I also got a delicious dose of Mark Russell in the hilarious framing device. I know this sounds silly(er), but these DC holiday specials are actually my fondest “publisher touchstone reads” of the year. They bring me a nice variety of DCU characters/ writers/ artists I might rarely see elsewhere, all under one cover.

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