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Pick of the Week #81 – Fallen Son: Captain America

Show Notes

Please note that at 00:33:39 the audio goes a little wonky for five seconds. Sorry!

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Running Time: 01:03:20

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – Conor loved him some Hawkeye in this week’s Pick of the Week, Fallen Son: Captain America.

00:11:44 – Josh and Conor are really digging the “CheckOut” crossover. Ron missed an issue and is lost.
00:15:40 – Ron’s favorite book this week was Local #9.
00:19:36 – Ultimate X-Men #82 hurt us all.
00:20:54 – Uncanny X-Men #486 wraps up Brubaker’s first arc in a rather rushed fashion.
00:24:48 – Ron loved The Mighty Avengers #3. Conor and Josh, not so much.
00:28:55 – But Ron hated The Ultimates 2 #13.
00:31:42 – The iFanboys were underwhelmed by Ex Machina #28.

00:37:08 – Casey from Takasaki, Japan wants to know how important the social aspect is to comics.
00:42:13 – Todd from Vancouver, BC, Canada wants to know why Reed Richards won’t help Bruce Banner.

00:45:23 – Nate from Canton, OH thinks the Countdown criticism is unwarranted.
00:47:26 – Kermit G. from Silver Spring, MD has a question about Captain America.
00:49:36 – Arlen from Whidbey Island, WA thought Nova #2 wasn’t very good.
00:51:52 – Josh from Portland, ME wants to know which is better: Young Avengers or Runaways?
00:54:18 – Robert from San Jose, CA asks a very important question.

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