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Pick of the Week #113 – Green Lantern #26 (Live from Jim Hanley’s Universe!)

Show Notes

The live show gremlins have reappeared. This is a rough one. Really, really rough. We’re so sorry. We wouldn’t blame you if you skipped this one. If you do soldier through, turning the volume down helps.

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

Running Time: 00:55:46

00:00:49 – A word of warning about the audio quality.
00:01:28 – iFanboy is live from Jim Hanley’s Universe!

Pick of the Week:
00:02:39 – In a crazy busy day of comic book reading, Ron surprised everyone by selecting Green Lantern #26 as his Pick of the Week!

00:09:07 – So… The Amazing Spider-Man #545… that happened.
00:16:21 – Captain America #33 made Josh giddy.
00:19:36 – Pax Romana #1 blew the iFanboys away!
00:24:16 – With X-Men #206, “Messiah Complex” is back on track!
00:28:07 – Ron and Conor loved Countdown #18.
00:31:27 – Proof #3 kept the ball rolling.
00:33:57 – Shit went down in Ultimate Spider-Man #117.
00:36:16 – With a name like Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #3, it’s a wonder more people aren’t reading it.
00:38:08 – Josh and Conor took up a listener challenge and loved Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #24!
00:40:17 – Dan Dare #2 was even better than the first!

00:41:05 – Morgan from Oklahoma wants to start reading comics.
00:43:28 – Mark thinks iFanboy should be reading 2000AD.

Audience Questions:
00:45:52 – Gabriel from the Strangers with Comics podcast has a question about… podcasting.
00:48:40 – Sanchez from Queens, NY asks Ron about regrets.

More News:
00:50:56 – Check out iFanboy’s 2007 All Media Year End Roundup!
00:51:34 – Don’t forget about the new iFanboy store for all your post holiday needs!

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