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Pick of the Week #54 – Criminal #2

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:46:58

Pick of the Week:
00:02:25 – Surprising even himself, Conor chose Criminal #2 as the Pick of the Week.

00:06:50 – Josh and Conor are emotionally scarred by Detective Comics #825.
00:08:32 – The iFanboys liked Superman Confidential #1, but damn those inserts!
00:10:45 – Josh and Conor are split on the art in Jonah Hex #13.
00:11:10 – Josh is the only one who likes Justice League of America.
00:11:56 – And he’s also the only one who likes The Irredeemable Ant-Man.
00:12:25 – Ron liked Midnighter #1.
00:13:12 – Conor isn’t sure if The Nightly News #1 was good or bad.
00:15:27 – Ron compares and contrasts What If Avengers Disassembled and Fantastic Four: The End #1.
00:18:46 – Josh is dropping The Other Side.
00:18:54 – Josh and Conor have dropped Brubaker’s Uncanny X-Men.

00:19:14 – Augie DeBlieck Jr. from The Pipeline Podcast wishes iFanboy a happy anniversary!

00:22:51 – Lance from Hamilton, TX wants to know if we like Star Trek and if we’ve read The Greatest Green Lantern Stories Ever Told.
00:24:51 – David asks if we’ve read any Virgin Comics and how much homework is needed for The Authority relaunch.
00:27:50 – Darin throws us an Invincible softball question.
00:28:34 – Jeff from Greeley, CO wants to know about Cerebus and what upcoming projects we’re looking forward to.
00:30:50 – Joe from Rock Hill, SC asks us if we could write any comic book arc, what would we write?
00:33:01 – Mark wants to know why we don’t ever talk about 2000AD.
00:34:50 – Michael asks about the music we use for the shows and has a question about Desolation Jones.
00:37:15 – Craig from Oklahoma wants iFanboy desktop wallpaper!
00:38:04 – Anne-Marie from Miami, FL recommends Ghost in the Shell wants to know the differences between American comics and manga.
00:39:08 – Shane asks about zombie comics that aren’t The Walking Dead.
00:40:36 – V. Smith asks about superhero cartoons.
00:42:38 – Carlos from Whitestone, NY wants to know about Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic books and what we think of Joss Whedon’s TV shows.
00:46:38 – Chris from Slough, England asks if Josh is still reading American Virgin.
00:48:09 – Liam wants to know how we could afford to read comics in college.
00:49:13 – The Dark Shake wants to know how we get our books.
00:50:32 – Dany loves Nextwave.
00:51:29 – Pmchugh131081 from the UK wants to know which side we’re on!
00:52:08 – JD has issues with Marvel/DC crossovers.
00:54:46 – Robbie from Pocatello, ID also has questions about superhero cartoons.
00:56:02 – Mimi asks about Doctor Who.
00:56:53 – Dave has some observations about women in comic book stores.
00:57:44 – Steve wants to know about must-read Spider-Man stories.
00:59:15 – Drew from Atlanta, GA thinks that his favorite characters, The Defenders, are going to play a major role in the outcome of Civil War.
01:01:37 – Ryan from California thinks he has witnessed iFanboy-related comic book store romance.
01:02:47 – Matt wants Ron to convince Josh to read Annihilation.
01:03:40 – Raph & Zach both ask about shipping comics internationally.
01:05:34 – Scott has some questions about Squadron Supreme.
01:06:34 – Danny wants confirmation on Planetary being sold as a pilot.
01:07:18 – Matt from Denver, CO makes a point about Blackbolt and wants to hear more iFanboy at the Movies Podcasts.
01:08:40 – Henry from South Dakota has a speculation-related question.
01:09:41 – Nick wants to know about Ultimate X-Men trades.
01:10:31 – Nate from Canton, OH wants to know about the San Diego Comic Con, post-Gotham Central characterizations, good X-Men stories to read, and Alex Ross’ Justice.
01:15:08 – Alex from Wenham, MA has questions about Dan Slott and a possible Moon Knight TV show.
01:18:46 – Will aka Six Gun wants to know about Wolverine: Origin and good Neal Adams trades, and Checkmate.
01:21:50 – Andy from Boston, MA asks about Justice League Heroes.
01:23:23 – Craig wants to know why we dislike Wizard.
01:25:56 – Cameron congratulates us on one year of shows.

Anniversary Celebration:
01:34:02 – The Best of iFanboy: Year One!

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