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Pick of the Week #60 – The Escapists #6

Show Notes

The Escapists #6 was the best book this week and for once we all agreed. Ron Richards is finally coming around on Ultimate X-Men, while Conor Kilpatrick is still confounded by Justice League of America. X-Factor and Robin just keep on rolling. We also answer listener e-mail and voicemails.

Running Time: 01:01:22

Pick of the Week:
00:01:36 – Wrapping the year up nicely, Conor selected The Escapists #6 as the Pick of the Week. And for once, everyone agreed.

00:12:15 – In a shocking turn of events, Ron loved Ultimate X-Men #77!
00:20:07 – The iFanboys are all over the map on Justice League of America #4.
00:28:01 – Conor and Ron bought the DCU Christmas Special, and Josh is a Grinch.
00:30:08 – The iFanboys think that X-Factor keeps getting better.
00:32:06 – They’re not big fans of Klarion The Witch Boy, but Conor and Josh were loving the art in Robin #157.

00:33:38 – Steve wants some talk about Mouse Guard!
00:37:00 – Gaumer is not happy about Heath Ledger’s view on comic books.
00:39:30 – Rick might be screwing with the iFanboys. They hope he is.

00:44:11 – Um…?
00:45:32 – Andrew from Alabama’s family is going to buy him a statue for Christmas and he needs suggestions.
00:48:55 – Marshall from Los Angeles wants to talk The Spirit #1.

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