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Pick of the Week #50 – Criminal #1

Show Notes

It’s an extra long, extra special 50th episode of iFanboy Pick of the Week and we welcome Jonathan London of Geekdrome to the show to talk about comics and, oh, so much more…

Running Time: 01:10:04

Pick of the Week:
00:03:15 – Ron picked Criminal #1 and takes a long time to explain why, while getting sideracked by Astro City.

00:16:40 – Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 came very close to being the Pick of the Week.
00:22:01 – Conor didn’t buy it, but everyone else did and no one can agree on The Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 but the S.H.I.E.L.D. a Helicarrier mystifies us all.
00:28:21 – It’s been one year of Jonah Hex and Josh and Conor are still loving it.
00:32:52 – The Boys #3 continued to disappoint Ron, but Jonathan provides a different point of view.

00:39:40 – Ray from California has an update with is quest to date a girl who works at a comics store.
00:42:23 – Dave from New York wants to start a sketchbook and is curious how much artists charge?
00:46:25 – James from Derbyshire, England wants to name his second child after a Marvel character, but his wife won’t agree.
00:48:56 – Jackson hates crossovers.
00:52:43 – The Cupid found Thor, and wants to know if Civil War will have repercussions.

00:54:01 – Conor asks Jonathan what books he’s into, which spirals into Ron confessing he’s still buying Moon Knight! For shame!

00:59:35 – BIG Week for the Frappr map. We’re at 389 and got some great comments. Check them out!

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